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A Culinary tour of Austin

My brother was down to two days until he was due back at work (Army). We used the time to sample many different foods (and a few beverages) Austin has to offer.  

mulberry happy hour austin wine bar

Happy Hour at Mulberry , #2 son had not yet achieved happiness...

la condesa austin

There we go, he's happy now! Happy Hour at La Condesa 

la condesa modern mexican austin bar happy hour 

One request from the brother, Chips and Salsa! He's not satisfied with the "Mexican food" available in Hawaii. La Condesa delivered the chips and salsa as well as a guacamole sampler.

elotes la condesa austin 

army guy at sway thai food austin

Modern Thai food lunch at Sway

bar area at LaV austin french happy hour 

Happy Hour at LaV 

lav austin cocktail with earl gray vodka 

LaV pate austin french food 

Then we stepped over to Qui 

qui austin cocktail justin elliot 

Justin Elliot heads the bar program over at Qui, that was one special cocktail.  

caviar chia seeeds cocktail 

We also ate some food item that involved pig blood... it was good. Will need to return with the wife to share more about the food.  

qui austin bar 

takoba cantina late night happy hour till 9 

Takoba Cantina has a late night Happy Hour. 

We also managed to fit in a trip to the Salt Lick (driftwood) and Duchman Winery..... that was a busy couple of days and I've got a few more trips to the gym to work it off.   

and then the brother flew away... and now he's back in Hawaii where it's always 80 (it's currently almost 80 degrees here too, gotta love Austin winters. We get cold weather that doesn't over stay its welcome) 

austin cotillion 

and in other weekly happenings... #1 son has started cotillion, he's in the Junior Assembly this year. 

godley estate sale 

and my Dad called explaining they'd listed their house for sale, and they had a contract within a few days. They don't plan to buy another home... so we got busy selling off most of everything they own, an estate sale. I helped rip all the decorative stuffs off the walls (and they had a lot of decorative stuff on their walls) and people bought stuff as soon as we could get it out of the house. The bed I'd slept on... it was all sold and hauled away.... the table where we've enjoyed the last three Christmas meals... I helped a guy load it into his truck, strangers will be dining at that table about now.... I hauled back whatever family heirlooms and some other stuff using my old utility traler.

eastate sale godley texas  

how i felt hat and bike accident 

Finally, #2 son taught himself to ride his bike. He's been super motivated ever since he received an invite to go riding with a classmate (girl). The busted lip is the only casualty. I should also mention the hat is his design, made by my mother (she makes and sells felt hats).   

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