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Alpine Cheese Fondue and Hefeweizen challenge round two

Alpine Cheese Fondue:

alpine cheese fondue

We often find ourselves with a bit of extra Alpine cheese. I decided to make a cheese fondue. I considered buying a fondue set, but then I found a really nice one on craigslist, near, and only $5!  

guitar string crown 

(She made that headband /crown from one of her used guitar strings) 

cheese fondue 

The fondue was fun... but I don't think it makes a meal or will be something we do frequently. I prefer my Hoch Y Brig un-melted.


I'm not sure the broccoli worked well in the fondue. 

Local Hefewiezen blind tasting, round two: Live Oak vs NXNW 

hefeweizeb kive iak vs north by northwest nxnw 

Kat's favorite beer is the Hefeweizen from North by Northwest (NXNW). I like it as well, but I have a slight preference for the Live Oak Hefeweizen... we sourced a growler of each for yet another side by side blind tasting. My mom doesn't drink beer, so she did the pouring. My brother is unfamiliar with either so he offered a new perspective. 

austin hefeweizen challenge 

Kat and I easily determined that glass B was the NXNW, and Kat proclaimed it the winner after a few sips. My brother followed her in that decision. I could tell which was which, but can't proclaim a preference for one over the other.  

texas chili (no beans) 

Beer goes well with Texas chili (no beans, no ground beef) 


after dinner flying orb fun by the fire.

boston terrier chases laser dot marvin 

Marvin will chase that red laser dot all day and all night. 

pussy cat tuxedo 

Kay-so doesn't mind being held when it's so cold outside.  

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