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New Year's Eve 2014/15 (a week late)

Let's go back in time...  to 12-31-2014 ...6 PM

army dude preps cheese plate 

The brother laid out all the cheeses we brought back from Dallas.

mystery cheese from molto formaggio dallas 

My new favorite is the Sweet Caroline from Lazy Lady Farm (VT). Note the "Mystery" cheese... the cheese monger at Molto Formaggio (Highland Park, TX) didn't label the cheese... Ugh.

We were in for a late evening. I figured the best way to pace ourselves would be to break the meals and drinks into courses, not serving it all at once.

champagne and gin cocktail? 

with the sting of the champagne and gin cocktail over indulgence during the Quiet Co. party still fresh in my memory... sure, I'll try one... but I'm pacing myself tonight! 

late harvest torrontes 

The brother had picked up a delightful late harvest Torrontes from the Molto Formaggio sale area.

great posture with pearls 

The daughter dressed up for staying home. She looked lovely.


Kat squished up a few GF while I prepped the soup and salad course.

roasted red pepper soup with cheese crisp 

Roasted Red Pepper soup with a cheese crisp and salad.

king crab leg

King Crab Leg course with a French Chablis wine.

sparkler course  

The Early Sparkler portion of the evening...


Yes, it is safer to watch from indoors. Sparklers are scary.

salmon confit 

Salmon three ways course; salmon confit with fennel, salmon with sriracha and citrus glaze, and white miso ginger salmon.

rack of lamb 

Rack of lamb with mushroom gravy course...

lamb chop from rack 

Everything turned out well, the sous vide takes most of the credit as it removes a lot of stress. I used it to cook the lamb and the salmon.

11:59 PM Dec 31st 2014

right foot forward new years 

She wanted to start the new year on the Right Foot.... waiting.... and.... Midnight!

right foot forward new year 

and it's now 2015

cheers to 2015 

the obligatory glass of Champagne. 

sparklers on new years eve  

a final round of sparklers. 

sparkler light writing 

even #2 son mustered the courage to wield a sparkler.

happy new year 2015 

darla's bubbles and hangover party 2015 

We woke up on 2015 to yet another cold weather event. But we did manage to make an appearance at Darla's annual Hangover and Bubbles New Years Day party.  We came without hangovers.

We had done a great job pacing ourselves on New Year's Eve. It was an accomplishment worth celebrating. And we did it with Bubbles.    


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