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Wimberley House Haul-Away (January shiners at the river)

The brother is still on leave from the Army.  

phil schuster 

It was a sunny mid 60 degree day in January. We did the only reasonable thing we could think of, enjoy a few Shiners down at the river. Not really, I had a meeting with my hauling guy and he ran late (hours late). I have a stash of cold Shiner down there, so we grabbed a couple and applied them to the Blanco River while we waited.

phil schuster blanco river january 2015 


wimberley fire pit 

The hauling guy showed up a few minutes after 4 PM (1600 for you military types). Our patio was now in the shade so we enjoyed a fire while we watched the last of the old house grappled, stuffed and hauled off. 

wimberley hauling tripple w 

house no more 

I've got a few appliances for the scrap guy to collect, and a small pile of wood to burn. But for the most part, the old house is now gone. Time to focus on rebuilding. 


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