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April 27, 2010

glass tile back splash, eeyore's, etc.

glass tile backsplash

I am very pleased with the glass tile backsplash I installed over the kitchen counter at our wimberley cabin.

artichoke light

I rewired a light fixture for 12 volt LED and mated it up to a 12 volt sealed gell cell scooter battery that fits nicely between the studs within a wall.  will wire up the switches and 12v fuse panel this week.

on set with spike

#1 son got his first paying job.  seen above receiving his direction from spike jonze.

saturday was eeyore's birthday.

leslie at eeyore's 2010

leslie was there as usual.  looks like he had some leslie merchandise to sell if an opportunity did arise.

bo peep at eeyore's birthday 2010

eeyore's tradition dictates that I find bo-peep.  unfortunately bo-peep is mute so I have no clues as to what her true identity may be.  she did sign that she was happy to see me too.

play on words, the guy above was E-whore.

the beer line for the girl wearing a chain mail bra was longer than the others

pagan princess at eeyore's 2010

I also found some pagan princess enjoying the beautiful day.  I had my make shift cow bell (part of a saw-horse and a piece of PVC) as I was on my way to the drum circle.

silver man at eeyore's 2010

silver man.

medieval at eeyore's 2010

#1 son sparred.

victory was sweet

sack race at eeyore's 2010

#1 son REALLY wanted to win the sack race.

he made three attempts.

he noticed that they issued prizes for first, second and last.  on his third attempt he tried real hard to be last.  but there was some girl with a real dedication to the loss.

best wurst is the best

kat was happy to find her best wurst sausage sandwich.

hand blown glass

hippies selling hand blown art glass in the woods.

crossing the creek after eeyore's, another tradition for us.

frisbee golf is very popular in austin.

skee-ball is usually enjoyed by a single player issuing the balls one at a time.  this concept was lost on #2 son.

future competetive eater

#1 son was proud of the fact that he shoved NINE pieces of pizza down his throat.

how to loose money

they had figured this device was the quickest way to convert the tokens into tickets. 

convert coins to coupons to crap

the economics of it don't really work out.  you take $20 worth of tokens, quickly convert them into a stack of tickets that you then convert into half a dollars worth of crap stuff.

chuck e cheese economics

arcade lesson

I gave a pod-racing lesson.

mother's day is approaching.  I am sending the girls to ballet austin's coppelia.  and since we seem to have a theme of jumping pics lately, I offer you one of a ballerina jumping/flying through the air

ballet austin

April 19, 2010

service _____ soon

it was one of those weeks.

we got a letter from the city of west lake hills, time for us to have the septic tanks pumped.  nothing is wrong with the system, they just require periodic emptying of the tanks; service septic soon.

the e39 530i has a new light illuminated on the dash; service engine soon.

marvin the bastard boston terrier figured out the invisible fence is malfunctioning; service invisible fence soon. 

marvin took the opportunity to go in the middle of the busy four lane road.  he was put on house arrest but managed to sneak out and brought all four lanes to a stop while some kind neighbor rescued him and took him some place safe.  we got him back but now he is chained up inside the house. bastard terrier 

we have had a good bit of rain and I am looking forward to tripple digit temps so we can get back to enjoying a wet greenbelt as had a few years ago.

we had planned to spend the night in wimberley but the heavy rain had us seeking the modern luxuries of austin modhouse.

these were taken from the master balcony as the storm rolled out.

kat took the kids to the wimberley butterfly festival while I worked on the off-grid cabin (big cabin update coming next week). 

wimberley butterfly festival

oversized chess game

looks like the baby scaled the fountain while the older two kids played a game of chess with comedic oversized pieces.

wimberley butterfly release

they did release butterflies that the kids were encouraged to catch with cantaloupe bait.


April 12, 2010

mostly, we ate...

kat's parents, siblings and associated husband/kids all came and stayed with us.  we found a place for everybody to sleep and managed to squeze all people into two vehicles every where we went.

mount bonnell cousins 

did a few short hikes, mount bonnell, and hamilton pool (below)

hamilton pool

hamilton pool

hamilton pool

hamilton pool

...mostly, we ate.

ino'z wimberley


paggi house blood orange margarita

my blood orange margarita at paggi house deserved its own cameo appearance.

paggi house lily

kat profiled this lily, tiger lily? asiatic lily?

the place was so packed that the guys had to stand.


enjoyed a great show by susannah blanton and learned about how to disappear completely

divine salad

that divine salad at opal divine's is BIG.  he appears to be satisfied with the value.

 bloody mary divine

they have good bloody marys as well. 

passed out at opal divine's

kids had their own table.  the baby slept through the entire meal.

kat balls

kat has created something special, kat's crunchy balls!  they go well with sake drank from our japanese pine box cups.  inspired a bit of haiku that I share with you here:

sake in the box

taste very good with fried balls

I like it a lot



portraits of the family while they were all in one place,

jumping cousins

I was so happy to see these two cousins are so similar and got along like old friends.  two peas in a pod.

April 05, 2010

she found the GOLDEN EGG! and, wang can cook


the kids always look forward to kathy valentine's easter egg hunt.  they started off with eggy crafts.  then the relay race...


run egg boy run

his team won!

rules rules and more rules

explaining the rules for this year's new and improved hunt.  the daughter had been talking about the "golden egg" as she remembered it from previous hunts.  this year also had a silver egg and a jeweled egg.

egg hunt 2010

the chaos of the egg hunt.

can you see the lizzard?

daughter did stop her frenzied searching for a moment to appreciate the lizard basking on the palm.


and then she found it...

new to the hunt this year was the post hunt open market easter trading session.

the kids were allowed to trade if they chose.  #1 son jumped into this role with such enthusiasm that we were a bit surprised.  he had his friends gathered around as he cried, "gold coins, I am trading gold coins for eggs here! Step up and sell me your eggs for gold coins!" 

the gold coins were plastic and he had realized they would soon depreciate.  he traded his coins for eggs filled with chocolate.

open market easter egg trader

he was just a bit excited about his mastery over the market.

a bit of a family reunion is about to happen here.  wang family members are arriving and en route.


I think I startled my father-in-law as he plucked a roasted peanut from the pan with his chop sticks.

my wife does not cook.  as a young girl, her mother used to send her out of the kitchen with instructions to go study.  now, the time has come.  her mother actually told her to come in and learn.  kat was an eager student.

wang's cooking school

more photo fun. 

test jump

 I studied photography at two colleges.  all that art stuff fell to the side when I assumed this stay at home dad role.  recent events have caused me to once again apply myself towards my photography.  I never did learn photoshop -- we worked with film and chemistry in dark rooms back then.  I was happy to master the magic lasso tool today!  So, I am finally catching up on photography software and upgrading the equipment, too.  I wanted to test a new e-ttl speed-light using off camera cable.  #1 son was happy to jump for joy.