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mostly, we ate...

kat's parents, siblings and associated husband/kids all came and stayed with us.  we found a place for everybody to sleep and managed to squeze all people into two vehicles every where we went.

mount bonnell cousins 

did a few short hikes, mount bonnell, and hamilton pool (below)

hamilton pool

hamilton pool

hamilton pool

hamilton pool

...mostly, we ate.

ino'z wimberley


paggi house blood orange margarita

my blood orange margarita at paggi house deserved its own cameo appearance.

paggi house lily

kat profiled this lily, tiger lily? asiatic lily?

the place was so packed that the guys had to stand.


enjoyed a great show by susannah blanton and learned about how to disappear completely

divine salad

that divine salad at opal divine's is BIG.  he appears to be satisfied with the value.

 bloody mary divine

they have good bloody marys as well. 

passed out at opal divine's

kids had their own table.  the baby slept through the entire meal.

kat balls

kat has created something special, kat's crunchy balls!  they go well with sake drank from our japanese pine box cups.  inspired a bit of haiku that I share with you here:

sake in the box

taste very good with fried balls

I like it a lot



portraits of the family while they were all in one place,

jumping cousins

I was so happy to see these two cousins are so similar and got along like old friends.  two peas in a pod.

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