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she found the GOLDEN EGG! and, wang can cook


the kids always look forward to kathy valentine's easter egg hunt.  they started off with eggy crafts.  then the relay race...


run egg boy run

his team won!

rules rules and more rules

explaining the rules for this year's new and improved hunt.  the daughter had been talking about the "golden egg" as she remembered it from previous hunts.  this year also had a silver egg and a jeweled egg.

egg hunt 2010

the chaos of the egg hunt.

can you see the lizzard?

daughter did stop her frenzied searching for a moment to appreciate the lizard basking on the palm.


and then she found it...

new to the hunt this year was the post hunt open market easter trading session.

the kids were allowed to trade if they chose.  #1 son jumped into this role with such enthusiasm that we were a bit surprised.  he had his friends gathered around as he cried, "gold coins, I am trading gold coins for eggs here! Step up and sell me your eggs for gold coins!" 

the gold coins were plastic and he had realized they would soon depreciate.  he traded his coins for eggs filled with chocolate.

open market easter egg trader

he was just a bit excited about his mastery over the market.

a bit of a family reunion is about to happen here.  wang family members are arriving and en route.


I think I startled my father-in-law as he plucked a roasted peanut from the pan with his chop sticks.

my wife does not cook.  as a young girl, her mother used to send her out of the kitchen with instructions to go study.  now, the time has come.  her mother actually told her to come in and learn.  kat was an eager student.

wang's cooking school

more photo fun. 

test jump

 I studied photography at two colleges.  all that art stuff fell to the side when I assumed this stay at home dad role.  recent events have caused me to once again apply myself towards my photography.  I never did learn photoshop -- we worked with film and chemistry in dark rooms back then.  I was happy to master the magic lasso tool today!  So, I am finally catching up on photography software and upgrading the equipment, too.  I wanted to test a new e-ttl speed-light using off camera cable.  #1 son was happy to jump for joy.

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