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service _____ soon

it was one of those weeks.

we got a letter from the city of west lake hills, time for us to have the septic tanks pumped.  nothing is wrong with the system, they just require periodic emptying of the tanks; service septic soon.

the e39 530i has a new light illuminated on the dash; service engine soon.

marvin the bastard boston terrier figured out the invisible fence is malfunctioning; service invisible fence soon. 

marvin took the opportunity to go in the middle of the busy four lane road.  he was put on house arrest but managed to sneak out and brought all four lanes to a stop while some kind neighbor rescued him and took him some place safe.  we got him back but now he is chained up inside the house. bastard terrier 

we have had a good bit of rain and I am looking forward to tripple digit temps so we can get back to enjoying a wet greenbelt as had a few years ago.

we had planned to spend the night in wimberley but the heavy rain had us seeking the modern luxuries of austin modhouse.

these were taken from the master balcony as the storm rolled out.

kat took the kids to the wimberley butterfly festival while I worked on the off-grid cabin (big cabin update coming next week). 

wimberley butterfly festival

oversized chess game

looks like the baby scaled the fountain while the older two kids played a game of chess with comedic oversized pieces.

wimberley butterfly release

they did release butterflies that the kids were encouraged to catch with cantaloupe bait.


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