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on sunday afternoon the kids and I like to take in a swim at the greenbelt

it's become a welcome ritual that will be missed when temps get too cool or droughts return and the creek runs dry

the greenbelt really symbolizes a lot of what we love about austin.  nature, diversity and tolerance.

on a recent stop at our favorite swimming hole we shared our retreat with four other camps.  there was the couple that had three kids and three dogs; all dogs had been adopted from shelters. 

a rock across the creek hosted a peruvian fellow and his date.   he had carefully spread out a blanket to form an intimate stage where played his wooden flute.  his serenade echoed off the steep rock walls and all became quiet and still.

 the large rock in the center was an ideal setting for a jamaican guy and his girlfriend to enjoy a spliff.

kayakers and tubers clutching tall boys go down stream with the current.  the spot is also popular with mountain bikers crossing from one side to the other; bikes over their shoulders as they wade.  nobody passes without a smile and friendly exchange.

we need a modern day monet to capture this scene with oils on canvas 

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