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goats do roam

as the dust from breakfast was settling, I sat down to check emails, noticed something moving in the back yard.  it was raining hard.  at first I thought it was eichler.  the leaves started to disappear and I could make out two goats making a buffet of our back yard. 

this was all good and amusing until they migrated over to some of the plants we actually paid money for.

 I assumed they must belong to a neighbor.   so I called the next door neighbor; kent ( his website is callkent.com)  he said his heart was warmed that I first thought of him regarding the goats, but he had no knowledge of local goats


I figured if I released the hounds those goats would run back to where they came from via however they got into the back yard. 

it turns out that marvin's little legs can move him faster than a goat.  up until this point he's had regular practice with the local deer population.  the deer are faster than marvin.


marvin was able to execute his herding skills., circling, barking and nipping at their heels.  he got one good butt to the head and gave them a bit more distance.

then the goats sought refuge on the pool.  I figured it was time to call the police.  if they did some damage I wanted to know where to send the bill and I was also concerned that they'd run into the nearby busy highway and cause an accident.

I guess they gave my goat invasion a low priority.  took around 30 minutes for an officer to arrive.  I suspect they sent the rookie.  so this officer and I watched the brave marvin keep the goats herded.  he was amazed how marvin had no fear.

those goats have deposited pellets every where.  marvin kept leaping up and nipping at their cloven feet.

he finally found his window of opportunity.  he bit the small one in the rear.  it leaped from the wall and took off.  up until this moment eichler (boxer) had chose to remain indoors and out of the rain.  marvin seemed to have a handle on the situation.  but now the chase was on and she's the fastest runner in the house.  I then saw how the invisible fence is no match for a boston terrier who's just had a taste of goat.  all three of them disappeared into the woods across the street.  eichler currently has no battery in her invisible fence collar.  I phoned them yesterday about how the batteries keep falling out.  they suggested I send the collars in to have them looked at.... that didn't seem reasonable to me.

 eventually both dogs came crawling out of the woods.  they were sure punishment was coming but I rewarded their return and having had a goat taco or two in my life I understand the urge for a second bite.

the police left.  he pledged to try and find who owns the goats and said animal control was at least an hour away.  he also asked me to cage marvin so that we can try to keep the one remaining goat here until they arrive.

can you believe that I found that goat standing on the trunk of my fjord blue 1973 bmw 2002tii.  you can see it jumping away.

I was about to think we might be having some goat for dinner.

so this is where we stand now; 12:45 pm

this adventure started 9-ish

we have one goat left and I think he feels he belongs inside!  he's been standing here looking in for more than an hour, watching as I type this.  he ocasionally paws (hooves) the glass as if I should open it!  I've tried to get a rope around his neck but he runs when I get close.... 

what to do next?  warm up the tortillas?  maybe if I get him roped I could tie him up in the back of the f350 before I go pick up the daughter from school.  I bet that'd get catch a few rubbernecks.

we have some friends who have been threatening to get a goat for a back yard ritual, or to keep their grass low enough to appease the neighbors; depending on how you look at it. 



we captured the goat and the sherrif just came to pick him up; 6:25 PM

goat tried to jump over the koi pond and through the window.  he bounced off the window and down into the koi pond.  while he was floundering around I roped his neck and then pulled him up and out by the horns.

notice the resemblance?

welcome to the west lake hills petting zoo 


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