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like to keep things, I do!

I'll admit. I do have a problem of letting go things that have sentimental values to me. Paul built our teardrop trailer pretty much from scratch - even the subframe from Harbor Freight Tools had to be modified. It took months and consumed a lot of his energy and time to create this unique, beautiful, durable, and totally functional trailer. It really embodies labor of love. For the same reason that we didn't just buy a new house that is already built, which might have been cheaper and easier, Paul set out to build something that we all can be proud of. Although I find it hard sometimes to understand his vision before and during his many projects (he's gotten better in sharing details in his head), but I almost always end up loving them (cars, furniture, trailers, houses, etc.) and just couldn't let go. Since Paul completed the teardrop trailer in spring '04, it sheltered and entertained us during many camping trips.



Here's a picture of the kitchen area in the back.



Here's what the interior looks like (with bamboo ceiling/wall).


There's a hidden compartment underneath the bed and a hidden "window" through which a speaker and other items can be moved from inside to the kitchen. There are plenty of built-in storage areas and shelves. It was a sweet little comfy home away from home and I still LOVE it!

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