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what a miserable picture.  I know it doesn't look like much...

we are big believers in composting.  at our old house we had a mound that was quickly turning our kitchen veggie scraps (and used beer) into rich soil.  when we first moved in here there was construction debris scattered about and we didn't have a designated compost heap.  so for a while we just scattered them in a variety of convenient locations.  the end result is that we have tomatoes volunteering all over the place.  we've got some healthy plants but so far no fruit.

I trimmed the trees back from the roof

shelter crew came back and applied trim strips over the MDO junctions.  caulk just wasn't enough.

I've been threatening to sell our teardrop trailer.  kat gets very attached to things and has a hard time letting go of just about anything.  she convinced me to use the teardrop as "yard art and cocktail cart".  so the four of us pushed, tugged and pulled it closer to the pool where it has another life ahead of itself.  


I love the teardrop.  but weather in texas is just not as mild as norcal and I've become spoiled by the comforts of the airstream.  I just can't see us fitting in the TD again any time soon.


I heard from austin energy today.  we were finally approved for the solar rebate.  the confusion came from the fact that we are STILL on the construction meter.  she also let me know that until we get the permanent meter we are paying a higher rate.  that didn't make us any happier.

no pool action has gone on. 

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