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February 28, 2008

we may not have diamonds... but we have diva plavalaguna

I saw that modernmama had found this interesting bathroom fixture with "282 diamonds, total carats: 10.24".

I recognized it from the fixtures on the kid's sinks.  except we have water spots instead of diamonds and I think we paid about $40 each for ours.


per request, two more pics of the custom LCD panel mount

I made the left side so it's further away from the wall and pitches towards the center of the room. 

and back to the media room projector

here you can see the size of the diva plavalaguna in relation to the room.  around 90 inch diagonal.

black is true black and plenty of brightness and contrast.  OK, enough about our media room.  I'm on to new projects.  mostly painting. 





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February 25, 2008

taste of summer

we are having temps in the 80's and low humidity.  caught a nice sunset last night.

pulled back the pool cover and some neighbor kids came over for a swim

I have finished my drywall work and removed the plasma flat screen from the media room.  it's been replaced by a true HD 1080p projector.  now the entire wall is a giant tv.  I have not liked projectors before as they usually look washed out and dim, but those days are gone.  we had to get a PS3 blu ray player to visualize the capability of the optoma hd80.  a true cinema like experience but w/o all the other people, parking problems etc.

so then we had a trickle up of AV equipment.  the 50 inch 1080i plasma went to the second floor living room and the 37 inch lcd from there went to our bedroom.  we don't really watch much tv.  usually just one hr after the kids go to bed; dirty jobs, mythbusters etc.  but our bedroom tv was so small that kat would have to get out of bed and stand at the foot to really see it.

so how you mount a big flat panel tv when your wall is mostly glass?

I busted out the welder and fabricated a custom bracket.

and if you don't care to see elementary kids ballroom dancing, back out now

this gentleman even did the water sprinkler (recall a post about a month ago where troy was demonstrating the dance move)  my daughter didn't understand what he was doing and just looked confused.  he gave up and stuck to the moves they'd learned in class.

that surely is the twist, check out his feet.

this was the last dance of 2008 cotillion.  this young gentleman asked my daughter to dance for the last few songs.  afterwards, we were standing outside the austin country club about to leave when he ran up to her and presented her with a small cluster of flowers he'd plucked from the golf course landscaping.  

my son doesn't give a crap about dancing.  he is very confident that he does NOT want to participate in the cotillion when he is old enough.  however, he IS very interested in golf.  he said he wants some "golf sticks". 


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February 09, 2008

lost creek and chinese ny's

I'm still working on drywall in the media room so there are no pictures of the progress.  just lots of dust.  I'm nearly there.

we managed to get out for a short hike along barton creek in the lost creek area this morning.

this is really just about 6 miles from downtown.

went to chinatown for Chinese New Year celebration.

this lion has an appetite for money.  it was well fed.

my son really liked the lion, as was evident by the huge smile.

she was a little freaked out by the lion and I had a hard time getting her this close.


rice noodles with duck in a curry sauce.  funny: a few minutes after I took this pic I realized I knew the family in the background from when I lived in baltimore.  I hadn't seen them for more than a decade and there they were at the next table!  and it turns out they have a 3rd grader in the eanes school district too.  the world is getting smaller.


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February 07, 2008

contact high

the accoustic panels arrived.

we applied this side with wall paper paste.  it had no fumes but also didn't work so well.

I kicked it up a knotch with contact cement.  the fumes were fan-tastic!

made a grid on the media room ceiling with a chalk line, applied contact cement and start applying the tiles.

next I get to do drywall finishing!  I love working with joint compound!  that must've been the contact cement fumes talking (I hate drywall work)

while my brain was swelling and the contact cement was out, I applied new formica tops to some tables I made more than a decade ago.

I made them back when I was living in my bohemian ar-teest studio loft in an old factory building in baltimore.  the city was shut down from a blizzard and I was in my industrial styled space with no heat.  this was one of the most productive periods of my life.  I've still got several tables I made those few days.  the birch tops were stained using brightly tinted aniline dye that fades in direct sun.


I had some cool 50's style boomerang formica in the garage and it's applied new life to old tables. 


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February 04, 2008

penelope is foolish

we were blessed with temps in the high 70's and up to 80.  great weather for a birthday party.  my son turned 5 and my daughter celebrated her half birthday.  her date falls in the summer and it's proven difficult to organize a party when most of her friends are spending summer vacation in distant locations, most likely where temps are not tripple digits.

I am a firm believer that the parents/adults should also find some relaxing moments at kid's parties.   a nice spread of cheese, fruit, meats, mustard, wine etc.

penelope foolish did a fantastic job of engaging the kids for an hour.  this area made for a great amphitheater.

she had some assistance from her rubber chicken friend who insisted on standing on her head and I think he even did a jig.

they opened gifts after most kids had left

one of those precious kids moments:  the gift giver says, "hey! open this one from me.  I got it for christmas but didn't like it, so I'm giving it to you".  we all had a good laugh.   she was proud of her resourcefulness.  we appreciated her honesty and recycling program.

they got some really great gifts

party ended up going for a good 10 hours and finally wound down after introducing my mom to guitar hero III on wii

I am exploring the Lost Creek area which is just about two miles from our house and inside the Eanes school district.  there seem to be many 70's modern/contemporary homes in the area.  sort of a Brady Bunch feel to them.  many homes waiting to be renovated for under $500k.

I had some ideas when I saw this cabana....

sunday saw the usual kid's show at ruta maya, a short stop at hippie church and we ended the day at friend's house where the grandmothers could soak in the view and sunset.


my daughter is really loving her dance class at the cotillion 


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