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we may not have diamonds... but we have diva plavalaguna

I saw that modernmama had found this interesting bathroom fixture with "282 diamonds, total carats: 10.24".

I recognized it from the fixtures on the kid's sinks.  except we have water spots instead of diamonds and I think we paid about $40 each for ours.


per request, two more pics of the custom LCD panel mount

I made the left side so it's further away from the wall and pitches towards the center of the room. 

and back to the media room projector

here you can see the size of the diva plavalaguna in relation to the room.  around 90 inch diagonal.

black is true black and plenty of brightness and contrast.  OK, enough about our media room.  I'm on to new projects.  mostly painting. 






Than you so much for the TV bracket hack. Now if only I could decide whether to save for the flat screen or the diamond-encrusted faucet.......

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