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go fly a kite

while you might be asking yourself if this is a newly discovered jackson pollock

(thanks to vanessa from baltimore for the cool link above, the kids still use it)

it was actually created by a 1973 bmw 2002tii that had an oil leak (has been fixed) and a water hose that was left on so the dogs had a good time playing in the mud and leaving prints on the driveway 


kids and I went to a birthday party on saturday that featured the emmy award winning biscuit brothers doing a live show, what fun!

we have come to accept that our older cat; cheez, has likely become coyote fodder.  kay-so is now being allowed to come inside again.  kat is happy.  kay-so only eats her food when one of us is near.  so she comes in and starts meowing till we come down to give her company.  then back outside she goes. 

annual zilker park kite festival!!!!

lots of greasy hippies flying kites

the guy above was determined to fly what appeared to be a sheet of plastic with rope, no sticks.  I didn't see him achieve kite status.  mostly flapping in the wind actions. 

the laborde black shark did not survive the day as was the case for most kites that went up.

winds were very gusty and space was limited.  flights were brief due to constant tangles with other kites.

charm making an offering of guinness to the wind gods

our bird kite lasted for quite a while.  it collapsed and charm did a quick macgyver of it and it was soon flying again with a piece of hubba-bubba as the repair medium (we forgot duct tape) 

my son has it all figured out.  get a kite with a high failure feature and all the girls come offer company



this guy had the same seagull bird kite as us.  my son kept wanting to fly right next to him which usually resulted in their becoming tangled together.  both kites finally broke (the bubble gum patch had a limited life span).  this guy came prepared with tape and soon both were back in the air.  he gave us his broken bird kite at the end of the day.  I had the privilige of carrying it back to the car.

the austin skyline has changed a lot in the past year.  two brand new high rise condo buildings dominate the horizon.

she has lift off!

we went to guero's afterwards.  the guy playing keyboards is in the ninth grade!  these guys are good.  I've paid money to see bands composed of professional musicians that were no where as good as this group of austin high school kids. 

she likes the queso and has developed this two chip method of delivery to get as much as possible into a single bite.

bunch of us had tacos al pastor after the show.  apparently, they will let anybody in that joint.




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