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lost creek and chinese ny's

I'm still working on drywall in the media room so there are no pictures of the progress.  just lots of dust.  I'm nearly there.

we managed to get out for a short hike along barton creek in the lost creek area this morning.

this is really just about 6 miles from downtown.

went to chinatown for Chinese New Year celebration.

this lion has an appetite for money.  it was well fed.

my son really liked the lion, as was evident by the huge smile.

she was a little freaked out by the lion and I had a hard time getting her this close.


rice noodles with duck in a curry sauce.  funny: a few minutes after I took this pic I realized I knew the family in the background from when I lived in baltimore.  I hadn't seen them for more than a decade and there they were at the next table!  and it turns out they have a 3rd grader in the eanes school district too.  the world is getting smaller.


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