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contact high

the accoustic panels arrived.

we applied this side with wall paper paste.  it had no fumes but also didn't work so well.

I kicked it up a knotch with contact cement.  the fumes were fan-tastic!

made a grid on the media room ceiling with a chalk line, applied contact cement and start applying the tiles.

next I get to do drywall finishing!  I love working with joint compound!  that must've been the contact cement fumes talking (I hate drywall work)

while my brain was swelling and the contact cement was out, I applied new formica tops to some tables I made more than a decade ago.

I made them back when I was living in my bohemian ar-teest studio loft in an old factory building in baltimore.  the city was shut down from a blizzard and I was in my industrial styled space with no heat.  this was one of the most productive periods of my life.  I've still got several tables I made those few days.  the birch tops were stained using brightly tinted aniline dye that fades in direct sun.


I had some cool 50's style boomerang formica in the garage and it's applied new life to old tables. 



Brilliant idea. I love the panels and I can imagine the smell!
Hope you don''t mind I added some tags, including a houseblogger one: FSTAG

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