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penelope is foolish

we were blessed with temps in the high 70's and up to 80.  great weather for a birthday party.  my son turned 5 and my daughter celebrated her half birthday.  her date falls in the summer and it's proven difficult to organize a party when most of her friends are spending summer vacation in distant locations, most likely where temps are not tripple digits.

I am a firm believer that the parents/adults should also find some relaxing moments at kid's parties.   a nice spread of cheese, fruit, meats, mustard, wine etc.

penelope foolish did a fantastic job of engaging the kids for an hour.  this area made for a great amphitheater.

she had some assistance from her rubber chicken friend who insisted on standing on her head and I think he even did a jig.

they opened gifts after most kids had left

one of those precious kids moments:  the gift giver says, "hey! open this one from me.  I got it for christmas but didn't like it, so I'm giving it to you".  we all had a good laugh.   she was proud of her resourcefulness.  we appreciated her honesty and recycling program.

they got some really great gifts

party ended up going for a good 10 hours and finally wound down after introducing my mom to guitar hero III on wii

I am exploring the Lost Creek area which is just about two miles from our house and inside the Eanes school district.  there seem to be many 70's modern/contemporary homes in the area.  sort of a Brady Bunch feel to them.  many homes waiting to be renovated for under $500k.

I had some ideas when I saw this cabana....

sunday saw the usual kid's show at ruta maya, a short stop at hippie church and we ended the day at friend's house where the grandmothers could soak in the view and sunset.


my daughter is really loving her dance class at the cotillion 


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