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March 30, 2008

and then there were five

7.1 lb 19.5 inches

everything went smoothly

number one son was upset once he found out he was to come to the hospital AFTER his brother came out.  he want to see the ejection.  he got over it and is in awe of how small and cute his new brother is.


he opened both eyes right away and just stared at us.  maybe we are not what he was expecting?  he's been very hush about the whole affair.


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March 26, 2008

1970 safari is for sale

clear coat has been stripped and skin polished

has a brand new zip dee awning

front cabin windows have been tinted 

recent new alloy wheels, tires and brake and bearing service

I ran power to this outdoor hatch/storage.  kept powered sub and two satellite speakers in there.

lets go inside 


new upholstery in a midcentury modern style.  maple hardwood flooring and VCT entry to catch foot traffic dirt.  

this table extends long enough to easily seat six adults.  curtains are a charcoal gray.

this safari has the vista view windows.  I've also installed a five speaker system.  the sub is mounted in the cabinet above the fridge and the two far speakers are mounted behind the original speaker grills on either side of the control center, the center speaker sits below the LCD monitor and the L an R are to either side.

the seat backs fold up to create two long twin beds up front. (one on right is folded up).

the view from the front, through the kitchen towards the bedroom.  here you can see where the speakers are mounted.  the lcd is mounted on an articulating arm and gets tucked back and strapped down for travel.

into master suite

this rear bed pulls out to create enough space for two.

I removed the plastic sink/counter and replaced with stainless steel.  I have the plastic parts if you wish to go back to stock. bathroom door has a new skin that matches the new kitchen countertop.

here you can see the new toilet and the shower area.

bed pulled out for sleeping.

a/c blows cold

in dash dvd/mp3/cd player also has tv tuner.

kitchen has new black counter tops and a new sink faucet.  all four burners work but stove is used for storage.  we had the furnace removed to reduce weight and increase cabinet storage.  we used a small electric ceramic heater if necesary.

all the tambour doors are in good shape.  the fridge works on gas (when trailer is level). have never used it on electric.

kitchen exhaust fan works.  the water heater is new and does a fantastic job of keeping up with demand.  most every light fixture has been replaced and a few new ones have been added.  






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March 24, 2008

painting contractor takes his time

it's been over one year since the MDO siding was put up.

I finally got all the trim strips and wood filler painted.   

the rail will be done with paint today or tomorrow.  mom is doing that now.

I made a cover for the all the koi pond filtration and plumbing.  I used a salvaged piece of granite for the dogs to step on when using the doggie door.

I finally got the tile up the wall under the sink.

lots of new growth.  all the effort of the landscaping is starting to show.  kids are trimming off the horse tails that have been blown over by the wind.

pool furniture ready for summer.

new wine bar just up the road, the grove 


she's still holding on.

we've purchased another vintage airstream to restore.  we felt we needed three extra feet since the family is set to expand.  brought our current already restored vintage airstream home to prepare for sale.  $15k anybody?  will try to get a picture set up soon.

mom arrived from CA.  her 69 bmw made the trip in stride.  however, she left the gas cap somewhere just outside of austin.

we were thankful that was the only mishap on her 1800 miles in three days trip.

I took the kids to two easter egg hunts yesterday.

they harvested loads of easter goods

the old egg in a spoon race routine.  my son's egg is mid fall, just above the knees.

notice how jimmy vaughn's twin little girls are both checking out my boy.

I thought she had it in the bag but dropped the egg just feet from the finish.

the next easter egg hunt was held on the hillside while our gnome friend looked from the other side.  here the kids pooled the eggs that had been gathered and shared.

it ended in tragedy.  my son managed to dislodge a log from the hillside and once set in motion, gravity took hold of it.  he said he tried to stop it "but it was too late" .  she got konked in the noggin and had to have the ice pack placed on her head.  they both look so down.  they are young and fifteen minutes later they were back at it.




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March 16, 2008


the 2008 sxsw just ended.  this is a great time to be in austin if you love live music.  you can't buy a twinkie without tripping over some band who is looking for an audience.  bookstores, furniture stores and parking lots are all transformed into stages.

my friends CMoore  and Troy drove in from Louisiana for sxsw and to celebrate my birthday.

first stop was a venue that had bands from lafayette along with free beer and crawfish.  cmoore found a bonus snail in the boil.

slaborde and michael

insert your caption of choice for the pic above

salabaorde in fancy boots

our friend brady blade was in town and played several gigs over the course of a few different artists.  often two in one day.  he's a drummer but for brigitte demeyer he played guitar

found a cool youtube of brady drumming here 

 anyhow, we gave them a ride to his next gig with buddy miller

we might have had a few traffic violations as brady had just fifteen minutes to get from one venue to the next.  brady was sure he was supposed to be at the cedar courtyard and we found it in record time.  but security told us we were at the wrong place.  

we RAN back out on the street and were lucky enough to find Troy circling the block looking for parking.  we then raced to the cedar door.  we stormed the back security gate "I'm with the band" I exclaimed in such a rush they had no chance to stop me (I had no sxsw wristband that is often required for the bigger events).  all this only to find we were once again at the wrong venue.  again, raced out to the street where brady tried to get a cab as he was trying to get somebody on the phone.  his next gig was to start any moment.  we again found troy circling, jumped back into the van and raced back to cedar courtyard.  turns out we had been at the right place the first time.

brady ran up on stage and within minutes buddy was going at it and they put on an amazing show.  

the next day we went to the farmer's market where they had bands all day.  the band in the background had come from palermo italy.

we found half japanese (jad fair) playing in an alley behind a gift store but we had to get kat home for more bedrest.

the boys were happy to get to guero's

my kids are tired of smiling for the camera


cmoore wrote troy's name on the wall 


saturday eve saw us enjoying wine and cheese with friends.  the gnome shone brightly for us all.






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March 14, 2008

dare ga-nome,

if you can read the title to this entry, congratulations!  you have just spoke German for gnome! 

at least once a week we have a sunset watching session with some friends that live here in west lake hills.   you've probably seen some pics if you tune in often. 

I'd often wondered about a white monolith I saw over on the opposite hill.  they hiked over one day to find a stack of rocks.  I hatched a plan to leave my own mark on that hillside.  then last weekend I stumbled on a $5 gnome at the harbor freight sidewalk sale.  I also found a cheap solar powered spot light.

we set off for the other side

we found a small creek with several falls.  she likes to kiss my son.

michael carried Hans down and I lugged him up.  this was at the bottom of the ravine.

the view back to where we came from

found the rock monolith and quenched thirsts

notice how michael's lips are pursed as his mind has now melded with Hans der gnome.  my son watches intently as if Hans is actually about to take a sip.  also, I gave him big freaky oversized eyes in the hopes that I can see them using binoculars.

Jenny the German exchange student was struck with ironic malaise after issuing us the daily cultural lesson on how to properly pronounce der gnome

we all felt a bit sad as we left Hans der gnome all alone on the hillside.  after all we'd been through together.  at least he'll have deer and coyotes to keep him company.

and when we got back we were pleased to find he was highly visible from our observation deck.

now all we had to do was wait for the sun to set.

and from the kitchen we could still see him.  WE SEE YOU HANS!  

YES!  the spot light came on

thank you magic orange gnome, thank you Hans and your wonderful illumination.  now we don't have to face the darkness after the setting sun. 



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March 03, 2008

go fly a kite

while you might be asking yourself if this is a newly discovered jackson pollock

(thanks to vanessa from baltimore for the cool link above, the kids still use it)

it was actually created by a 1973 bmw 2002tii that had an oil leak (has been fixed) and a water hose that was left on so the dogs had a good time playing in the mud and leaving prints on the driveway 


kids and I went to a birthday party on saturday that featured the emmy award winning biscuit brothers doing a live show, what fun!

we have come to accept that our older cat; cheez, has likely become coyote fodder.  kay-so is now being allowed to come inside again.  kat is happy.  kay-so only eats her food when one of us is near.  so she comes in and starts meowing till we come down to give her company.  then back outside she goes. 

annual zilker park kite festival!!!!

lots of greasy hippies flying kites

the guy above was determined to fly what appeared to be a sheet of plastic with rope, no sticks.  I didn't see him achieve kite status.  mostly flapping in the wind actions. 

the laborde black shark did not survive the day as was the case for most kites that went up.

winds were very gusty and space was limited.  flights were brief due to constant tangles with other kites.

charm making an offering of guinness to the wind gods

our bird kite lasted for quite a while.  it collapsed and charm did a quick macgyver of it and it was soon flying again with a piece of hubba-bubba as the repair medium (we forgot duct tape) 

my son has it all figured out.  get a kite with a high failure feature and all the girls come offer company



this guy had the same seagull bird kite as us.  my son kept wanting to fly right next to him which usually resulted in their becoming tangled together.  both kites finally broke (the bubble gum patch had a limited life span).  this guy came prepared with tape and soon both were back in the air.  he gave us his broken bird kite at the end of the day.  I had the privilige of carrying it back to the car.

the austin skyline has changed a lot in the past year.  two brand new high rise condo buildings dominate the horizon.

she has lift off!

we went to guero's afterwards.  the guy playing keyboards is in the ninth grade!  these guys are good.  I've paid money to see bands composed of professional musicians that were no where as good as this group of austin high school kids. 

she likes the queso and has developed this two chip method of delivery to get as much as possible into a single bite.

bunch of us had tacos al pastor after the show.  apparently, they will let anybody in that joint.




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