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May 25, 2007

temporary residency

Update 1: We have no land lines, no internet connections, and no satellite televisions at both homes and will remain so for a while.

Update 2: Pool/koi pond construction started this week. Paul's been busy laying pipes for the koi pond in the mud and rain.

Update 3: Garage door has been delivered and is now half-installed - more on that later. It is so cool. I like it a lot.

Update 4: Utility trench has been back filled. Paul calls the new path "deer alley".

Update 5: We have gas (which means hot meals and showers!).

Update 6: We got a temporary certificate of occupancy this morning. It comes with a note "landscaping in 90 days."

Update 7: We closed on the home loan this afternoon. One of the many conditions requires us to "take residency in 60 days."

Update 8: We moved the dogs yesterday and the cats today. The cats were not amused.

Update 9: We moved all but one car to the new house. Our BMW 5-series is still at the shop. The rest of our stuff is still at the old house.


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May 20, 2007

are we there yet?... are we there yet?..

we are closing in on the final inspection.  had some more difficulty from the gas company (they are the worst!)  but we expect to have gas service on monday so the plumbers can fire up the on demand water heaters.  also had an early inspection so we could get a punch list and insure no big surprises on the real inspection day.  only susprise is that we need a hand rail at the steps from the living room up to the dining/kitchen.  I made the rail yesterday and hope to install it tomorrow (monday).  we are planning to call for final inspection on tuesday! 

kat worked on installing the master closet hardware

second floor living room is taking shape

first floor living area.  yes, I guess we have a thing for RED sofas

we're already getting good use of the media room.  

our other house is starting to empty out.  it's mostly just where we sleep and shower.  dinner at the new house has become more frequent.  we had five deer come for dinner friday eve.  the deer are quite comfortable having dinner with us.  they watch us eat as much as we watch them; until...


RELEASE THE HOUNDS.  we had great fun watching eichler (the boxer) give the deer hot pursuit. 


it definitely feels like home

this weekend was the first time I took time off from the 1000 projects.  I was able to just relax and enjoy the house.  it was fantastic!  it's becoming arduous to pack up and head back the old house at the end of the day. 

random pics from this week 





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May 15, 2007

third ladder incident

geothermal hvac is working great.  it is so quiet you can't hear that it is running.

porsche vent hood is hung after a great deal of fuss


my fancy folding ladder collapsed while my mom was atop it.  she had quite a spill.  I found her on her back on the slate floor in the downstairs bath.  she was lucky that this scraped shin  was the majority of her damage. 

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May 13, 2007

teak and tecate on rocks

emptied the first floor out to get concrete scrubbed, sealed and clear coated.  found that tecate cans make a great coaster/shim.

the mothers worked hard on mother's day.  the floor buffer can be difficult to manage.  mom tried it and I thought it was a/b to break her arms as she pretzled herself trying to keep a hold on that beast.  she made good use of the kitchen spray head to keep the floor wet.  our daughter took this pic.


my daughter's room is starting to take shape.  she came down to protest, "none of my favorites are working on my Dell!"  we don't yet have a connection to the internet and she can't quite get a grasp of that scenario.  I tried to tell her of the olden days when we looked at text that was printed on pages generated from tree pulp.  I realize how uncivilized all that sounded to her.

side note on life in austin; she is in second grade.  recently it was her turn to share something with her class that was important to her.  she chose a flash music video by the flaming lips (yoshimi battles the pink robots, found under downloads).  for some reason it didn't work correctly on the teacher's computer.  when I arrived to pick her up after school several of her classmates wanted to ask me "what operating system do you use?".  one even went on to explain "I am running windows XP on my computer that has an Intel processor but a Dell monitor, which is odd since we moved here from oregon.  my XP crashes about 100 times an hour".  he included some other computer jargon.  yes, these are second graders.  lots of people here fall into two categories: artsy musician types and computer geeks.  ocasionally the two factions join up.

awright, back to the floors...

took the mothers to matt's el rancho while the sealer dried.  had a mexican martini and chili relleno



this is what they looked like as I painted my way out the front door.  I may apply a second coat of finishing clear coat.  the look is SO much better than before.  it's been a long time since I saw how beautiful the floors are.  the past 8 months has seen them coated with a variety of dust, drywall mud etc. 




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May 11, 2007

beam me green mr. zeon zoysia

our LED door bell button glows!  Jeff the electrician commented on our door bell.  it has a keyboard and he played the peter gunn theme song on it.  my son loves it as well and has fractured my last nerve by constantly pressing the button.


I picked up a pallet of zeon zoysia (fancy grass that is drought resistant and does not require constant mowing and weeding, it's like walking on a dense rug).  we distributed it over the areas that have had some soil erosion.  not sure if this will help w/ our septic situation or not.  but we love the zeon zoysia.

each day I see more baby bermuda

one less baby, add one little man

jeff figured out the non working electrical switches and we have full power now

got bulbs


nice zoysia path as seen from 2nd floor 

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May 10, 2007


I saw this when I arrived this morn, this was very exciting for me (note that the charger is plugged into the wall!)

I had to make a quick trip to lowes to pickup fire alarms.  there are a few shorts to be worked out but jeff the electrician says this is normal.


need to buy more bulbs.   


plumbers connected the tankless water heaters 

stainless steel counter tops arrived 

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make mine a hot dog sushi cheese plate

new front door is up and looking great

frameless shower door is up.  we are hoping to have indoor electricity today; no more extension cords!  plumbers are wanting to make their last day happen today.  septic inspector came yesterday and passed the mechanical part of our septic system, but she said we can't move in until we have more grass in the spray field.  I've placed an order for some sod.

christopher and I finished the deck railing! 

we are happy to have his involvement in our new home so we expressed our gratitude by treating him to the free hot dog bar at star bar .  it was odd for us to be the youngest of all their patrons by at least a decade.  didn't stop cmoore from enjoying the free dogs

then we added a bit of sushi at maiko 


topped it all off with a cheese plate and a bit of wine at wink 



 a big thanks to my mom for watching the kids while we celebrated the end of the railing project.

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May 08, 2007


christopher is back to finish up the deck railing

his fractured hand is all healed.  his injury was the result of a deep sea fishing trip and a faulty toilet door. 

five minutes into our day and he cut his leg.  didn't really slow us down.

septic engineer and installer met to examin the system.  spray heads did come up and started to do their job.  engineer gave it the green light and we are good to go.


they noted that the water in the tanks was a bit high and asked me if any of the plumbing was hooked up inside.  well,.... yeah we've been enjoying indoor plumbing.  

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May 06, 2007


first truck of road base and decomposed granite had a great deal of trouble getting in and out.  police had to come help him back out on to a busy rd


we have a driveway.

we've closed up shop on carpentry and moved the piles of tools away.  it's great to have all the open space

I finished up welding on Rob's battery boxes.  he's converting a toyota rav to EV



a few shots of the screen room in action, first pic is with flash


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May 03, 2007

big steps

fridge unpacked, hooked up and awaiting electricity

ceiling in media room

mirror in master bath is up and working well, wife tested and approved

oh, trenching day, oh, trenching day 


gas line installers arrived with big machines. 


we managed to get these guys to dig our trench for the geothermal pipes as well.  HVAC installers were there and ready to work. 

and here we see the two gas lines waiting for the plumbers to span the gap between them 


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May 01, 2007

the doors

the screening trim for the screen room is mostly done.  I got a call in the early afternoon that the screen room doors were in town.  we'd been waiting for them for a while so I ran to go pick them up myself.

we picked up a bunch of off the shelf doorsfor the sliders but they ended up being too short.  after a bunch of head scratching we ended up framing each door with douglas fir strips to get the extra length.  the result looked better than the original but requires a good bit of carpentry.


still waiting on the gas co to come give us service.  glass company did come and install the mirror into the master bath.  fitment was perfect this time. 

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