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temporary residency

Update 1: We have no land lines, no internet connections, and no satellite televisions at both homes and will remain so for a while.

Update 2: Pool/koi pond construction started this week. Paul's been busy laying pipes for the koi pond in the mud and rain.

Update 3: Garage door has been delivered and is now half-installed - more on that later. It is so cool. I like it a lot.

Update 4: Utility trench has been back filled. Paul calls the new path "deer alley".

Update 5: We have gas (which means hot meals and showers!).

Update 6: We got a temporary certificate of occupancy this morning. It comes with a note "landscaping in 90 days."

Update 7: We closed on the home loan this afternoon. One of the many conditions requires us to "take residency in 60 days."

Update 8: We moved the dogs yesterday and the cats today. The cats were not amused.

Update 9: We moved all but one car to the new house. Our BMW 5-series is still at the shop. The rest of our stuff is still at the old house.


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