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are we there yet?... are we there yet?..

we are closing in on the final inspection.  had some more difficulty from the gas company (they are the worst!)  but we expect to have gas service on monday so the plumbers can fire up the on demand water heaters.  also had an early inspection so we could get a punch list and insure no big surprises on the real inspection day.  only susprise is that we need a hand rail at the steps from the living room up to the dining/kitchen.  I made the rail yesterday and hope to install it tomorrow (monday).  we are planning to call for final inspection on tuesday! 

kat worked on installing the master closet hardware

second floor living room is taking shape

first floor living area.  yes, I guess we have a thing for RED sofas

we're already getting good use of the media room.  

our other house is starting to empty out.  it's mostly just where we sleep and shower.  dinner at the new house has become more frequent.  we had five deer come for dinner friday eve.  the deer are quite comfortable having dinner with us.  they watch us eat as much as we watch them; until...


RELEASE THE HOUNDS.  we had great fun watching eichler (the boxer) give the deer hot pursuit. 


it definitely feels like home

this weekend was the first time I took time off from the 1000 projects.  I was able to just relax and enjoy the house.  it was fantastic!  it's becoming arduous to pack up and head back the old house at the end of the day. 

random pics from this week 





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