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beam me green mr. zeon zoysia

our LED door bell button glows!  Jeff the electrician commented on our door bell.  it has a keyboard and he played the peter gunn theme song on it.  my son loves it as well and has fractured my last nerve by constantly pressing the button.


I picked up a pallet of zeon zoysia (fancy grass that is drought resistant and does not require constant mowing and weeding, it's like walking on a dense rug).  we distributed it over the areas that have had some soil erosion.  not sure if this will help w/ our septic situation or not.  but we love the zeon zoysia.

each day I see more baby bermuda

one less baby, add one little man

jeff figured out the non working electrical switches and we have full power now

got bulbs


nice zoysia path as seen from 2nd floor 



globes are new and not recycled.

Hey, I love the way you've used the simple globular light shades in the stairway. They look like the moons of Zeon Zoysia!
Are they recycled or new?

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