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teak and tecate on rocks

emptied the first floor out to get concrete scrubbed, sealed and clear coated.  found that tecate cans make a great coaster/shim.

the mothers worked hard on mother's day.  the floor buffer can be difficult to manage.  mom tried it and I thought it was a/b to break her arms as she pretzled herself trying to keep a hold on that beast.  she made good use of the kitchen spray head to keep the floor wet.  our daughter took this pic.


my daughter's room is starting to take shape.  she came down to protest, "none of my favorites are working on my Dell!"  we don't yet have a connection to the internet and she can't quite get a grasp of that scenario.  I tried to tell her of the olden days when we looked at text that was printed on pages generated from tree pulp.  I realize how uncivilized all that sounded to her.

side note on life in austin; she is in second grade.  recently it was her turn to share something with her class that was important to her.  she chose a flash music video by the flaming lips (yoshimi battles the pink robots, found under downloads).  for some reason it didn't work correctly on the teacher's computer.  when I arrived to pick her up after school several of her classmates wanted to ask me "what operating system do you use?".  one even went on to explain "I am running windows XP on my computer that has an Intel processor but a Dell monitor, which is odd since we moved here from oregon.  my XP crashes about 100 times an hour".  he included some other computer jargon.  yes, these are second graders.  lots of people here fall into two categories: artsy musician types and computer geeks.  ocasionally the two factions join up.

awright, back to the floors...

took the mothers to matt's el rancho while the sealer dried.  had a mexican martini and chili relleno



this is what they looked like as I painted my way out the front door.  I may apply a second coat of finishing clear coat.  the look is SO much better than before.  it's been a long time since I saw how beautiful the floors are.  the past 8 months has seen them coated with a variety of dust, drywall mud etc. 




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