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September 23, 2019

The Regreening of the yard.

This week was mostly cleaning and school projects. We have been working on replacing any landscaping that died off over the summer. There's always something that just doesn't make it. Eventually we get something that stays around long term once established.  

terrarium v 2.0

We replaced the terrarium plants for #2.  

firecracker fern 

Things are starting to green a bit. The days of 100F should be gone for this year...  

ebony fire crepe myrtle

BUT, it seems no trip to the landscaping store would be complete without buying some flashy new plant we didn't intend on purchasing. We couldn't resist this Ebony Flame Crepe Myrtle.  



Ah, that's better.  

September 15, 2019

MCM desktop stereo for Jake and Angie

mcm console stereo bluetooth desktop

I still make these small midcentury modern inspired desktop sized Bluetooth stereo console units. This one was a gift for Jake and Angie, now married.  

mid century modern stereo console new 

modern bluetooth stereo  

jake and angie


blue the dog in floral wedding halo 

I pitched the idea of making a floral halo for their dog Blue. Kat implemented my idea and Blue presented it to the wedding crowd.  


and we danced 

And they danced all night long. We all danced.  




"I pulled out dance moves I didn't even know I had" -Jake 




"there's a sound ordinance people! It's time to go! I can't afford a fine! This already cost us a lot of money!" -Angie 

The Talking Heads cover band (Heart Byrne) stopped playing, we all quit dancing. Everybody was happy by the end of the evening.  




Stretch those legs as Fall will be here... eventually

porsche 944 turbo 951 bmw 1972 vintage 2002

I took all three older german toys out for some running around the neighborhood and to fill the fuel.

Mornings are starting to cool off....  Fall.... where are you? I'm waiting.... 

Hi, How are you? and "all my favorite singers couldn't sing"

I picked up a half day shift to teach art at a local elementary school. It was supposed to be easy, just show the kids a video. The full time teacher left me in charge. Just before the bell rang and my students were to appear, the school lost all power. This is a scary event for a kindergarten class. There was quite a bit of screaming and crying. My VHS machine and projector were of no use without electricity. I had to do some quick thinking.

hi how are you D johnson jeramiah the frog 

I drew this famous Austin landmark, by Daniel Johnson on the blackboard and asked the children to copy it.

hi how are you frog austin 

hi how are you frog austin 

We all survived the day. Power was restored and we all went about our way after school. About an hour later, I received a message from my friend CMoore that Daniel Johnston had died the night before.

This comes on the heels of my favorite songwriter (maybe not the best singer, but I feel the songs are always best when they come straight from the author) David Berman ended his life.

It's not been a great month for my favorite singer songwriters... 

September 09, 2019

Brown Sabbath, Eric McFadden and Floral Dog

brownout brown sabbath austin empire garage 2019

I worked as a Middle School Girls PE Coach all day on Friday. Much of my day was out in 100F heat, making the kids run laps. I also had tickets to see Brown Sabbath (Brownout playing Black Sabbath songs) that evening. They didn't go on till 11:30. I rallied and we stayed for the whole show.

Brown Sabbath Brownout the Wizard empire austin 2019 

Eric McFadden

Eric McFadden was also on the bill.  

Eric McFadden Empire Garage Austin  

wedding floral halo for blue the dog 

We have some good friends getting married next weekend. I had pitched an idea "how about I make a floral halo for Blue (their dog) to wear. My concept was accepted and Kat managed to execute it. I'll say she did a great job, it's just as I had imagined.  

wedding flower arrangement for a dog 

floral halo harness for a dog in a wedding  

Let's see how Blue reacts to a floral halo...  

kreamer the cat in a tree austin siamese 

Meanwhile over here at AMH... as I'm posting the blog I hear Mr Kreamer howling from his lofty perch (I took this pic from the second floor). He loves to climb up there and howl. But we are no longer concerned, he easily runs down. He's never quite sure WHY he does the things he does...  

September 02, 2019

Clear cool waters of the Blanco River. Wimberley camp check

The best hour of Labor Day Weekend was spent in the refreshing waters of the Blanco River.

blanco river wimberley texas fischer store road 

blanco river fischer store road wimerley tx

blanco river rapids hoa members park wimberley 

The water was nice! 

blanco river rapds wimberley 

blanco river fish 

blanco river spicy snacks loved by fish  

celestial beerworks doubl stars ipa 

I enjoyed a Double Stars from one of my favorite breweries in TX, Celestial.  

tire swing wimberley texas 

#2 son was happy to find our tire swing still works.