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Brown Sabbath, Eric McFadden and Floral Dog

brownout brown sabbath austin empire garage 2019

I worked as a Middle School Girls PE Coach all day on Friday. Much of my day was out in 100F heat, making the kids run laps. I also had tickets to see Brown Sabbath (Brownout playing Black Sabbath songs) that evening. They didn't go on till 11:30. I rallied and we stayed for the whole show.

Brown Sabbath Brownout the Wizard empire austin 2019 

Eric McFadden

Eric McFadden was also on the bill.  

Eric McFadden Empire Garage Austin  

wedding floral halo for blue the dog 

We have some good friends getting married next weekend. I had pitched an idea "how about I make a floral halo for Blue (their dog) to wear. My concept was accepted and Kat managed to execute it. I'll say she did a great job, it's just as I had imagined.  

wedding flower arrangement for a dog 

floral halo harness for a dog in a wedding  

Let's see how Blue reacts to a floral halo...  

kreamer the cat in a tree austin siamese 

Meanwhile over here at AMH... as I'm posting the blog I hear Mr Kreamer howling from his lofty perch (I took this pic from the second floor). He loves to climb up there and howl. But we are no longer concerned, he easily runs down. He's never quite sure WHY he does the things he does...  

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