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Hi, How are you? and "all my favorite singers couldn't sing"

I picked up a half day shift to teach art at a local elementary school. It was supposed to be easy, just show the kids a video. The full time teacher left me in charge. Just before the bell rang and my students were to appear, the school lost all power. This is a scary event for a kindergarten class. There was quite a bit of screaming and crying. My VHS machine and projector were of no use without electricity. I had to do some quick thinking.

hi how are you D johnson jeramiah the frog 

I drew this famous Austin landmark, by Daniel Johnson on the blackboard and asked the children to copy it.

hi how are you frog austin 

hi how are you frog austin 

We all survived the day. Power was restored and we all went about our way after school. About an hour later, I received a message from my friend CMoore that Daniel Johnston had died the night before.

This comes on the heels of my favorite songwriter (maybe not the best singer, but I feel the songs are always best when they come straight from the author) David Berman ended his life.

It's not been a great month for my favorite singer songwriters... 

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