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MCM desktop stereo for Jake and Angie

mcm console stereo bluetooth desktop

I still make these small midcentury modern inspired desktop sized Bluetooth stereo console units. This one was a gift for Jake and Angie, now married.  

mid century modern stereo console new 

modern bluetooth stereo  

jake and angie


blue the dog in floral wedding halo 

I pitched the idea of making a floral halo for their dog Blue. Kat implemented my idea and Blue presented it to the wedding crowd.  


and we danced 

And they danced all night long. We all danced.  




"I pulled out dance moves I didn't even know I had" -Jake 




"there's a sound ordinance people! It's time to go! I can't afford a fine! This already cost us a lot of money!" -Angie 

The Talking Heads cover band (Heart Byrne) stopped playing, we all quit dancing. Everybody was happy by the end of the evening.  




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