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October 28, 2019

Dallas trip misfire

We were invited to meet up with a friend in Dallas this weekend. Things didn't work out and we never did meet up. BUT we did manage to stop by Turning Point to get a few cans of recent releases.

Turning Point craft beer texas dallas bedford neipa ipa dipa 

aloft downtown dallas parade closure 

We found downtown Dallas to be filled with people and cars. We spent over half an hour trying to get to our hotel (Aloft). I finally got out and asked a policeman how can I get to Aloft. He informed me that I just could NOT get to it due to roads being closed. He advised we leave and come back after the parade. You'd think the hotel might warn people that had reservations that there was no access to the hotel, for hours. We had to leave downtown, and find a place to sit and wait. It was extremely frustrating as our evening plans were now delayed. It was ironic to find the sign above at the front desk... not very helpful when we can't even get to the hotel.

boulder and tree sidewalk uptown dallas alcove wine bar 

I found this singular, and very round boulder, snuggling to an oak tree in Uptown Dallas. There were no other boulders to be found... where did it come from? It seemed so lost and out of place.

dallas downtown aloft 

I love the way sunlight creeps in through a window, and makes new shapes and patterns on what had recently been a sleepy dark room. 

fall in the bishop arts district dallas small town feel 

We had breakfast in the Bishop Arts District. I hadn't been to this part of Dallas since the late 80's. It was a rough area and most of the businesses on this strip were boarded up back then. Now it's a thriving area with cute shops and many café and restaurants. It has such a small town feel that you won't find in other parts of Dallas where everything is shiny and new, moving at a fast pace. I'd like to go back and explore more of this area. That was the positive part of our twenty hours in Dallas. 



Old Sculpture, New Pattern

Kat preferred when it was all RED. I can't leave things alone and I like to change things.

paul schuster sculptor artist sculpture art austin 

yard art austin 78746 westlake west lake hills austin 

October 20, 2019


#2 son takes his art kit with him most everywhere. His art instructor at school saw his personal sketchbook and requested if she could use some of his art for her Instagram inktober feed of student art.

enov art 

enove art #enov 

enove art austin #enove #enoveart 


My Mom had a garage sale. #2 son helped and even learned how to make his favorite blueberry pancakes for himself.

blueberry pancake eating making machine

I completed a wood sculpture for my 3D design class. I titled it Commitment and Obligation.

paul schuster artist 3d design acc 

commitment and obligation 


Camp Contemporary 2019

We don't often win things. But we did win tickets to Camp Contemporary. It was a very nice and relaxing event at Laguna Gloria. Part food and beverage festival, with a bit of art and music thrown in. The camp theme was fun, although it might have been better if the TX weather didn't throw another hot day into the mix. I would've enjoyed sitting around a campfire.

camp contemporary 2019 

A few pics of Kat enjoying the various camp activities. 

camp contemporary austin 2019 

laguna glora lake austin camp contemporary 

tito's vodka camp contemporary 2019 

camp contemporary austin art laguna gloria  

abram shook camp contemporary 2019 

Three bands in the music tent including Abram Shook and Sir Woman.  

laguna gloria austin art 

I was there too.  





October 14, 2019

Fall weather for the Cure (acl week two)

We were blessed with amazing cool Fall weather for the Cure at week two ACL. It was another good show.

robert smith of the CURE austin city limits 2019 acl

We had friends in town staying with us for the weekend. I did my best to take them to a few of our favorite spots for food and beverage. We might have been a bit over indulgent.... except Kat. She's good at exercising restraint.  

suerte austin best new restaurant 2019

Suerte is so much fun.  

suerte austin corn eats 

zilker brewing austin craft beer 

Zilker Brewing 

zilker brewing austin craft beer 

acl craft beer tent electric jellyfish 2019 

Beer Tent at ACL had Electric Jellyfish on tap this year! 

austin craft beer tent acl electric jellyfish php 

pinthouse pizza electric jellyfish ipa austin craft beer 

loro austin asian bbq  

Loro for "green drink" (frozen Gin and Tonic) and Asian BBQ. 

frozen gin and tonic at loro austin g&t 

loro asian bbq austin 

pink frozen at liberty bar

fall sunset 78746 

The slice of setting sun has now moved to a new tree since Fall is really here.  

October 06, 2019

October! Fest time.

We've all been busy with school and work. But we managed to get out for a bit of fun.

blanco river wimberly river rapids 

paul schuster austin tx 


paul schuster austin texas lederhosen 



I've been saddled with technical problems lately. Both of my Sony cameras have experienced some failure and now my PC is dead. It's good I have children to borrow a laptop from. 


Sodom City Guide

I installed an art project in the school library, Highland Campus ACC
sodom city guide 
Edith Lot's wife sodom salt lot  
paul schuster artist austin texas  
austin community college highland library banned books 
Paul Schuster
Sodom City Guide
Mixed Media Sculpture: wood, book, paper and salt
H 8" , W 15" , D 18"

120 Days of Sodomy
Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)
Written 1785 while incarcerated in the Bastille
Published posthumously 1904

M. Sade, the most banned author in history, wrote 120 Days of Sodomy on a scroll he kept hidden in his cell at the Bastille. He was transferred to a different facility days before the French Revolution. He died believing his scroll was lost forever. But the writing did survive and lived on through a series of private erotica collectors until it was published in 1904. The book is still banned in some countries..

Sodomy, or so called “Crimes Against Nature” are still illegal in twelve states, including Texas. This is despite the the U.S. Supreme Court ruled them to be unconstitutional.

The word Sodomy comes from the ancient city of Sodom. The Old Testament book of Genesis explains that Sodom was destroyed by fire and brimstone. Lot, was able to escape Sodom before destruction, after a warning from an angel. He assembled his wife and daughters foe their hasty escape. Lot’s wife (Ado, or Edith) turned back as they fled, to get one last glimpse. God turned her into a pillar of salt for that glance, according to Genesis. She, along with the other inhabitants of Sodom were censored for their wickedness. 

This sculpture plays with the idea Edith (wife of Lot) left Sodom with a souvenir, a Guide to the city. Consequently, the book was on her when she was turned into a pillar of salt. Hidden inside the book is a scroll of hand made paper, as the Marquis de Sade had hidden his book, 120 Days of Sodomy.