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Fall weather for the Cure (acl week two)

We were blessed with amazing cool Fall weather for the Cure at week two ACL. It was another good show.

robert smith of the CURE austin city limits 2019 acl

We had friends in town staying with us for the weekend. I did my best to take them to a few of our favorite spots for food and beverage. We might have been a bit over indulgent.... except Kat. She's good at exercising restraint.  

suerte austin best new restaurant 2019

Suerte is so much fun.  

suerte austin corn eats 

zilker brewing austin craft beer 

Zilker Brewing 

zilker brewing austin craft beer 

acl craft beer tent electric jellyfish 2019 

Beer Tent at ACL had Electric Jellyfish on tap this year! 

austin craft beer tent acl electric jellyfish php 

pinthouse pizza electric jellyfish ipa austin craft beer 

loro austin asian bbq  

Loro for "green drink" (frozen Gin and Tonic) and Asian BBQ. 

frozen gin and tonic at loro austin g&t 

loro asian bbq austin 

pink frozen at liberty bar

fall sunset 78746 

The slice of setting sun has now moved to a new tree since Fall is really here.  

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