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June 23, 2019

Auto Maintenance Week, so oily....

Last week was all about human maintenance. This week was automotive.

e30 oil change chore

#1 son helped change the oil in Kat's 1989 325ic (E30 convertible).  

1985.5 porsche 944 oil change  

The Daughter helped change the oil in the 1985.5 Porsche. This was not her first time helping. She also helped me about fifteen years back (pic of her when we lived in Santa Cruz below) 

santa cruz porsche 944 oil change  

1972 BMW 2002 oil change chore 

#2 son was enthusiastic about helping to change the oil in the 1972 BMW 2002. 

bmw oil change 78746 

vintage bmw oil change chore 1972 

I installed new brake pads in Kat's E30. 

1989 BMW e30 325ic brake pad replacement 

I was glad to be done. I've not done brake pads before. It wasn't difficult. The first one took more than an hour, the second took less than twenty minutes.

While I was on my back in the garage.... I noticed a box of old photographs. I didn't think I had any pics of my first Porsche, a 1984 944 back in Baltimore. This pic was taken outside of the Broom Factory building where I had my live/work loft.  

paul schuster baltimore 1984 porsche 944  


owen summers jazz mente clara  

Owen Summers (our piano instructor of many years) was in town to perform with Mente Clara for Hermeto Pascoal's 83rd birthday....  

aaron parks jazz austin mente clara 

Aaron Parks was on drums. The room is really small and the audience is seated. I didn't get the best pics or video.  

June 17, 2019

Appointments and more appointments...

Dr Horne westlake 78746 austin west lake hills dentist 

This week was mostly catching up on appointments that are difficult to fit in during the school year. There were so many Dentist and Dr. appointments...

dentist horne westlake austin 78746 view 


how are you gonzo contemporary sotol desert door 

We stopped by the Contemporary for a Sotol tasting from Desert Door.

We attended the Pinthouse Hootenany and beer release for Emilio, a triple IPA. I bought some of the last cans available and some guy tried to explain to me how I needed to sell MY cans to him. Dude wouldn't take NO for an answer. I retained my cans with "LEAVE US ALONE, YOU ARE BOTHERING US! GO AWAY!". This is one of the best beers I've had from PHP (it's technically a collaborative effort with Green Cheek Beer Co)  

emilio pinthouse triple ipa green cheeks 

June 10, 2019

Sun Season is here

I'd tried to forget about the Aluminet cloth that we applied in an attempt to cut back on Solar Gain. Yesterday was the first 100F day, and Kat didn't forget about the cloth. I really don't like getting on that ladder.... but I did it.

aluminet cloth solar shade

That' a 24 ft ladder at full extension.

austin modhouse aluminet solar shade for polygal wall 

aluminet sun shade over polygal wall 78746 reduce solar gain austin

The light transmission is greatly reduced. I figure the expense of the cloth will be reclaimed by energy savings in another decade or so. The stress of climbing that ladder is a bit more difficult to calculate.  

celestial odysseus tripple ipa crowler 

My knees were all wobbly when I got it all done. I went to a friend's house nearby. We soaked in the pool and enjoyed some Celestial Odysseus and Jester King. I got quite a sunburn too.  

jester king fruit sour beer 

sway westlake salt and pepper shrimp sake box 

We enjoyed some Sway and Chinatown sushi with friends this weekend.  

no-name roll at Chinatown westlake jorge sushi 

Jorge let us sample the new "no name roll". These rolls eventually become menu items if people really like them. We did enjoy it.  

porsche 951 sunroof 

I took the 951 sunroof apart, several times. But I finally got it back together with the roof flat/flush with the car. I've also been working to get the 1972 BMW 2002 back together. I took it for a quick ride around the town.   

bmw 2002 hotrod project car 1972 vintage 

cactus garden 78746 

Kat worked in the cactus garden. She may have said a few words and some blood may have been shed. But it looks great.  

cactus garden westlake austin  

June 03, 2019

Porsche Party with Crawfish at GT International

We attended the grand opening of a new Sports Car service in Austin, GT International.

GT International Austin 

porsche mechanic austin gt international 

porsche 951 austin  

We took our Porsche 951. There was one other 951, in the same color (Guards Red). 

guards red porsche 951 austin tx 


The crawfish were a good size and done perfectly. 


bmw e30 convertible 325ic austin gt international  

We found an e30 convertible on the lift, similar to Kat's daily driver.  

Summer Pool Party!

78746 negative edge pool downtown view 

I took the kids to a friends house for a pool party.  

downtown view from the high road 78746

I received a surprise box of Hill Farmstead sent from the Black Barn folks in VT. It arrived just two hours before the pool party. I got them chilled down and ready for action just in time! Thanks! 

hill farmstead ipa 78746 pool party 

Tube amplifier and vintage turntable seeking new home...

I've offered the stereo system I put together up for sale. This one does not take up so much space. A great system for somebody looking to get into vinyl but doesn't have a lot of spare room.

tube amplifier turntable austin vintage modern  

vintag pioneer turntable vinyl tube amp 

mid century modern styled stereo console 


Out of EANES (Elementary)

For he past fourteen consecutive school years, I have been driving kids to Eanes Elementary each school morning. The last one has graduated.

eanes graduate 


We are very thankful to the wonderful teachers that have been a big part of our life here in the Eanes district.  


He received art supplies as a graduation present. He was so excited "it's like you guys are reading my mind! a MINI sketch book!!"