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Auto Maintenance Week, so oily....

Last week was all about human maintenance. This week was automotive.

e30 oil change chore

#1 son helped change the oil in Kat's 1989 325ic (E30 convertible).  

1985.5 porsche 944 oil change  

The Daughter helped change the oil in the 1985.5 Porsche. This was not her first time helping. She also helped me about fifteen years back (pic of her when we lived in Santa Cruz below) 

santa cruz porsche 944 oil change  

1972 BMW 2002 oil change chore 

#2 son was enthusiastic about helping to change the oil in the 1972 BMW 2002. 

bmw oil change 78746 

vintage bmw oil change chore 1972 

I installed new brake pads in Kat's E30. 

1989 BMW e30 325ic brake pad replacement 

I was glad to be done. I've not done brake pads before. It wasn't difficult. The first one took more than an hour, the second took less than twenty minutes.

While I was on my back in the garage.... I noticed a box of old photographs. I didn't think I had any pics of my first Porsche, a 1984 944 back in Baltimore. This pic was taken outside of the Broom Factory building where I had my live/work loft.  

paul schuster baltimore 1984 porsche 944  


owen summers jazz mente clara  

Owen Summers (our piano instructor of many years) was in town to perform with Mente Clara for Hermeto Pascoal's 83rd birthday....  

aaron parks jazz austin mente clara 

Aaron Parks was on drums. The room is really small and the audience is seated. I didn't get the best pics or video.  

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