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Appointments and more appointments...

Dr Horne westlake 78746 austin west lake hills dentist 

This week was mostly catching up on appointments that are difficult to fit in during the school year. There were so many Dentist and Dr. appointments...

dentist horne westlake austin 78746 view 


how are you gonzo contemporary sotol desert door 

We stopped by the Contemporary for a Sotol tasting from Desert Door.

We attended the Pinthouse Hootenany and beer release for Emilio, a triple IPA. I bought some of the last cans available and some guy tried to explain to me how I needed to sell MY cans to him. Dude wouldn't take NO for an answer. I retained my cans with "LEAVE US ALONE, YOU ARE BOTHERING US! GO AWAY!". This is one of the best beers I've had from PHP (it's technically a collaborative effort with Green Cheek Beer Co)  

emilio pinthouse triple ipa green cheeks 

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