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Sun Season is here

I'd tried to forget about the Aluminet cloth that we applied in an attempt to cut back on Solar Gain. Yesterday was the first 100F day, and Kat didn't forget about the cloth. I really don't like getting on that ladder.... but I did it.

aluminet cloth solar shade

That' a 24 ft ladder at full extension.

austin modhouse aluminet solar shade for polygal wall 

aluminet sun shade over polygal wall 78746 reduce solar gain austin

The light transmission is greatly reduced. I figure the expense of the cloth will be reclaimed by energy savings in another decade or so. The stress of climbing that ladder is a bit more difficult to calculate.  

celestial odysseus tripple ipa crowler 

My knees were all wobbly when I got it all done. I went to a friend's house nearby. We soaked in the pool and enjoyed some Celestial Odysseus and Jester King. I got quite a sunburn too.  

jester king fruit sour beer 

sway westlake salt and pepper shrimp sake box 

We enjoyed some Sway and Chinatown sushi with friends this weekend.  

no-name roll at Chinatown westlake jorge sushi 

Jorge let us sample the new "no name roll". These rolls eventually become menu items if people really like them. We did enjoy it.  

porsche 951 sunroof 

I took the 951 sunroof apart, several times. But I finally got it back together with the roof flat/flush with the car. I've also been working to get the 1972 BMW 2002 back together. I took it for a quick ride around the town.   

bmw 2002 hotrod project car 1972 vintage 

cactus garden 78746 

Kat worked in the cactus garden. She may have said a few words and some blood may have been shed. But it looks great.  

cactus garden westlake austin  

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