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Construction blog? or Deconstruction...

This used to be a construction blog, started over a decade ago. The house is still a lot of work, most of it falls under the repair and maintain category. That doesn't make for an interesting blog. Unless you like frustrating appliance repair stories... I've got so much material in that area. I'm currently waiting on a $140 transformer for the vent hood. The last five weeks focused on range repair. The appliance repair guy charged me $439 for an hour of work (not including the part) "due to the complicated nature of this equipment". I asked him to come back twice to correct things that weren't right. I guess it is complicated...

Then there is that swim spa.... we quit using it a few years back. The kids rarely swam and we started spending more time in Vermont. But that hole... something needs to be done. The image below shows how it looked in 2007. The masons had just completed the stone wall, and Marvin was still alive.  


I've removed the stone wall, and the exposed section of swim-spa wall. 

swim spa deconstruction 

The garden/planter boxes have been removed, and plants relocated or eaten.  

deconstruction blog 

It's not going to be easy removing those last three sections of steel wall that are closed in by concrete decking on the back side. That's the fun I will be enjoying this week.

The koi pond will also need some maintenance this year. That won't be too difficult as most of the older/larger koi all died in the koitastrophy of 2017. 

koitastrophy of 2017 survivors 

Most of the remaining fish are variety of goldfish, with a few smaller koi that survived. The upside to this is that the water filtration is much more efficient now that it doesn't have to process all the giant koi craps.  

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