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Field Trip Chaperone... I'm still here.

I did volunteer to chaperone yet another field trip. I realize these opportunities (that's what I have to remind myself, these are opportunities) are numbered. The kids are growing up, and this record will be all there is left. The Alamo will still be there, but I doubt I'll ever return with a group of fourth graders on a cold, wet day.

alamo field trip 

Kids at this age are gaining confidence, and feeling smart. They were also really excited to be out and about.

alamo musket demonstration  

The musket demo did get their attention.

institute of texas cultures 

We also visited the Institute of Texan Cultures.  

They had several exhibits to demonstrate life in Pioneer times. Several little older ladies were on hand to talk about life in the early days of Texas. The lady in the one room school house got their attention when she talked about discipline in the "olden days".

institute of texan culture 

The little elderly lady in the log cabin was showing the kids the kitchen. She asked "what do you have in your kitchen at home, that you DON'T see here?". The kids were quick to blurt out "refrigerator, microwave, wifi (although you can't SEE wif they could feel it was absent)". One kid raised his hand, when she called on him he answered "anarchy". Little older lady was confused, he repeated his answer and she said "I'm afraid I don't understand". The fourth grader was a bit embarrassed at this point, but managed to try once gain, "mayhem". And that was the end of the log cabin kitchen.

#2 son rode home with me, instead of the big coach bus with his classmates. It was a nice ride back to Austin. He looked so comfortable as he napped, quiet and content.  


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