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Three nights of Salt Cod

Every few years, I get the urge to buy a box of Salt Cod. It's only about $8.

salt cod box from HEB 

Brandade de Morue is our preferred method of salt cod consumption. It's mostly about soaking the cod to get rid of the salt, then whipping it with potatoes, olive oil and cream. It's not difficult, or costly.

brandade de morue salt cod and whipped potatoes 

I was so successful at removing the salinity, I added a few capers. They also add to the visual appeal. 

It made for a great meal, spreading it over hot crusty bread. (this is what inspired #1 son to make bread).

But we had at least half of it left over...

So, the next night I mixed in some lump crab meat and an egg. Coated with panko and formed balls. Fried them in peanut oil.  

salt cod and crab fritters 

Salt Cod and Crab Fritters! But we still had leftover cod/crab and potato mix...

So, the following night I stirred in Dijon Mustard, egg, and coated with bread crumbs, formed patties and pan fried them in butter. 

Salt Cod and Crab Croquettes!

salt cod and crab croquette 

My my salt cod curiosity should be good for a few years after three consecutive meals. Let the record reflect that Kat loved it at each meal, her favorite was the Brandade. #1 son was less enthused when the cod appeared on his dinner plate on the third night.   



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