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Do you remember your first real vacuum cleaner?

boy gets his own vacuum cleaner eureka

The boys had asked for allowance. Living in this area, many of their friends at school get good bits of money each week, just for breathing oxygen. This is a give something, get something (or work hard, play hard) sort of household. So we created chores that can be done weekly in exchange for money. #2 son vacuums the stairs every Friday. Of the three kids, he is the one that has stuck to his chore, and is receiving regular bank deposits ($5 weekly).

I love these Eureka handheld vacuum cleaners. They aren't very durable. This is the third one we've bought in five years. You can't do the job without the right tools. I told him this one was his vacuum cleaner, and I used a sharpie to put his name on it.

It should also be noted that he also lost his new jacket again. I emailed teachers, visited the transportation department where I dug through a cabinet of smelly lost clothing, and had the driver search his bus. I went to school and explored the Lost and Found cabinets, and boxes.  

On Friday, he came home with TWO jackets he'd lost, and a lunch bag that was missing. I asked "where were they?". He said "It was early in the day when I found the black one, so I don't remember".  That was classic.

John Kleckman Quartet at Hops and Grains 

The people over at Hops & Grains Brewing are working on this hazy lupulin powder ipa beer craze. We stopped in to see how they were doing. We liked their Pellets & Powder IPA best. I'm not sure we tried them all. A further exploration of their offerings may be in order. They also had a jazz band on the patio. It was a perfect January evening in Austin, 68 degrees, fresh IPA, and good music.


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