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let it flow!

some pics of the river-pool in action

it's almost like wake boarding behind a ski boat 

in the two pics below I am swimming fast as I can just to keep up with the current.  they hydraulic pump is only at half of maximum speed.


started construction of a ramp from the lower area.  we have a handicap accessible bathroom, but it requires going up four steps.  this ramp is an attempt to make it easier to access, I think it looks cool too!  I hope to get it finished this week.

we had some extreme weather blow in last night.  temps dropped 20 degree in around 30 minutes.  extreme wind advisory and heavy rain tossed loose yard items around.  I was glad to find kay-so trying to stay warm and dry in her polygal shelter. 

I think he is ready for halloween 


kids went to a costume party this past weekend. 

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