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my shiny elephants, or glitterphants

had a relaxing trip down to wimberley for Market Days.  got some kettle corn and bratwurst...  had no real plan or agenda.  felt like a vacation.

wimberley market days

wimberley market days kettle corn

brewsters pizza and brewpub wimberley

we had no place to be, so we stopped for a pizza and a beer at brewsters prewpub.  the kids remembered the pugs next door at middleton's brewing co...  so we stopped in to pet the pugs.

pugs at middleton's brewpub wimberley

middleton brewing company wimberley

and enjoyed a wedge of cheese and a belgian beer.

lizard in a bucket wimberley

found a lizard in a bucket back at our wimberley cabin.

blanco river spring 2013 fischer wimberley texas

had a relaxing afternoon down along the river.

kids on a rock in the blanco river wimberley texas

duct tape art and wallets

older two kids made duct tape wallets, pillows and art.

duct tape art


spring time fire pit wimberley texas 2013

quickly cooled down enough to enjoy some time around the fire.  we even played charades.  kat said "why is it we never do this back at our other home?  why is that?"

grilled salmon and mushroom broth

#1 son LOVES to grill mushrooms. 

mushroom broth

I suggested he drain some of that au jus.  he did and drank it from a cup, said it was delicious. 

yard art elephants wimberley texas

I came into some elephants... they were tables.  I wasn't sure if I should just throw them away, burn them.... what?  then I remembered my old gnome, Hans dare Ga-nome.  Hans was later abducted, some people painted him up to look like spock, and last I saw he was on a plane, then he was in mexico...  I have no idea where he is now. 

glitter silver elephant yard art

so I planted my elephants in my own yard down in wimberley, applied silver paint and glitter, and stuck some solar powered landscape spotlights on them.  I'll have to report back next time we spend the night. 

afw austin fashion week runway show

it's Austin Fashion Week.  we watched some models strutting their stuffs on the runway, and the boys did their own show as well. 

afw austin fashion week runway show

austin fashion week 2013

#1 son and his music:  people often ask how long we require the kids to practice their music.  the truth was that we didn't have any set time.  I did request that certain songs be played.  the result of this was that they learned to play really really fast.  #1 son could race through his music practice in just a few minutes.  that sort of explained his motivation to play at 250 BPM. 

he was racing through his piano and guitar so he could play minecraft on the computer, while skyping his friend (also playin minecraft with him).

I came up with a better solution, the music and computer times have to be matched.  practice guitar for 30 minutes, and get 30 minutes of computer time.  it's great to see (hear) his tone has improved and the timing of the songs is down to an enjoyable pace...  I recorded him practicing guitar, and also performing a song that was written by #2 son, it's titled Flying Rat and Mouse.


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