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F.A.Y.M (For All You Mothers)- Contigo

flowers contigo austin

we took the mothers to the Blanton to catch the alumni exhibit before it closed. 

claude monet blanton museum of art UT austin texas

blanton alumni exhibit 50th anniversary

contigo austin

then we went to the far east side to Contigo.  we really loved contigo, just wish it wasn't such a drive for us.  it's not that it's a great distance, it's that there are no major roads that run from where we live to that area.  it's not a bad drive from the blanton. 

contigo craft cocktails

we sampled a few of their craft cocktails with some apps.  kat really enjoyed the oxe tongue slider, I'll confirm it was tasty! 

popcorn at contigo austin

#2 son loved the popcorn with spices and sugar.

live oak hefeweizen

Live Oak Hefeweizen!  the waitress dropped a pint glass off for the daughter...  this is the second time in a few weeks that some place has attempted to serve her...  "take that away... SHE'S THIRTEEN!" was my response.

contigo austin smoked shitake mushrooms

these smoked shitake mushrooms were LOVED BY ALL!

arrow through the head

#2 son loves to watch mythbusters.  then he saw an image of Adam Savage with an "arrow through the head".  this was cause for concern for the little dude. 

I was trying to explain how the trick works, then I figured I'd pull up an image to show him.  found one up on amazon and it was only around $3.  so I ordered one (prime two day shipping).

I figured for $3, we can just demonstrate. 

it arrived and he said, "I'm SO EXCITED about my arrow through the head!".  he couldn't wait to show all his friends at school, as we drove away.  he waved goodbye through an open car window, with his arrow through the head.  his pre-k friends frozen in awe, wearing confused looks on their faces and jaws dropped. 

arrow through the head trick

child miner

let the kids go into Harbor Freight with you, and they just might find a mini pick axe.  He's been helping us dig down to try and repair a leaky pool pipe that was burried under concrete....  thanks mr pool installer dumb ass.

eleven plates and wine scallops austin westlake texas

neighborhood restaurant and wine bar had an offer on living social; for $30 you get a three course meal for two AND a $20 gift certificate.  the meal normally costs $60, and it's a good value at full price.  two apps, two main courses and two desserts.  if you deduct the $20 gift card, the final cost was only $10.  so cheap we felt guilty.  those diver scallops are always delicious. 

our guilt was compounded by the fact that we arrived early for our reservation, they'd offered half price bottles of wine from 4-6.  so we got a nice nebbiolo (at half price).  I love eleven plates and wine. 

eleven plates and wine half price bottles saturday 4-6 austin westlake

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