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rouquefort bread pudding.... a slice of stinky cheese heaven

an annual event, I make brasied lamb shanks before summer heat arrives.  we were a little late this year, but didn't let the tradition slide. 

lamb shanks for brasing

I braise them for 3-4 hours in a full bottle of red wine and a very rich chicken stock.  I give them a crust of polenta, cinnamon, curry and other spices before the braising.  there is also one banana and a bnuch of herbs from our garden in the mix...  prep time is about 20 mins, before it spends the day in the oven. 

braised lamb shanks

kat made strawberry sorbet.

fresh strawberries for sorbet

homemade strawberry sorbet

the exciting portion of our feast, (mostly exciting to me) was the ROQUEFORT BREAD PUDDING!  it turned out just how I'd hoped. 

roquefort bread pudding

braised lamb shank with roquefort bread pudding and swiss chard

I loved dragging that bread pudding through the gravy and washing it down with some Italian wines.  situations like these are best shared with food/wine loving friends.

italian wine tasting westlake austin west lake hills


Kat and I tackled some technical upgrades the next morning, firmware updates to A/V equipment and DSLR.  as more technology filters into commonn devices, I can see we will need to perform an update/firmware upgrade on other household devices.  (the future) "sorry, you can't brush your teeth yet, I have to finish the firmware update on your brush".   

we went for a walk over on the east side of Austin, east 6th street Viva Streets day.

east austin walking tour

we found a hipster styled merry go round at East Austin Pedal Pushers, where art and cycling get down together. 

east austin pedal pusher merry go round

viva streets austin east austin pedal pusher

little hipster powered merry go round austin

kat and I enjoyed some free Modello at Papi Tino's Cantina

papi tino's cantino courtyard

#1 son found a piano there.  he just walked straight up to it, and started playing. 

piano at papi tino's east austin 6th street

several people enjoying mexican food and margaritas stopped and stared.  people came in to see the young man who was now playing for a whole restaurant.  strangers stood with their smart phones, taking video of him.  he just played and played until we told him to stop, nearly 30 minutes. 

kids at the bar, papi tino's austin

marched along with the Minor Mishap

hi hat giant soft pretzel

enjoyed some giant pretzels at Hi Hat Public House.

girls in a hanging hoop east austin

we watched some girls hanging out in a giant hanging hoop.... yeah, it was pretty good for a sunday stroll through east austin. 


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