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Blanco River Rapids- the flash flood of change

I attended the annual HOA meeting for our place in wimberley.  The main reason we have an HOA is to share expense and management of the private road and river park.  As often is the case, there is a certain amount of annual grievance airing and personality conflicts that get exposed.  then, we all go back to our own corners and wait to do it all again next year.  I keep my head down, even when my name is mentioned, with a public request for inquiry.  I don't care to discuss or defend myself in front of all the neighbors.  I'm more inclined to agree "yeah!  what IS the deal with those Schuster people?  I don't trust them! we should DO something!"

And, it appears that the HOA will be moving in a direction where we are going to share more opinions.  There will soon be some standards that will eventually make their way into the rules, regarding fence heights etc..  the idea is to clear up gray areas that have caused some problems between neighbors.  there were a few that requested to ban "bright colors" or "homes that are at the forefront of architecture (or something like that)".  those type of rules are not easily defined or enforced.  those are matters of personal taste and opinion not easily dictated upon others.

as the meeting ended, the river came up and swallowed the road.  was it a sign about the changes to come?  my man Moses would've said so, maybe it was a warning?

two videos below, flash flood on may 25th, and the same spot a couple weeks ago.  the neighborhood has one road in/out and it was under water.  everybody was stuck out there, opinions and all.  neighbors.


tire swing wimberley

at the request of #2 son, we got some rope and made a tire swing.

friendly deer wimberley

this friendly deer was very interested in me.  it kept coming closer, and closer, looking right at me.  somebody must be hand feeding the deer.

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