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bluetooth my boom-box

when we built our home in West Lake Hills, I made a portable stereo box to use with my ipod (predates iphone) as a portable stereo to use during construction.  I based it on a high end (altec lansing) multi media speaker with a big/heavy sub and two sattelite speakers, it had remote control and I even put some lighting in it.  it all closed up for easy transport. 

I recently found the mini-stereo plug was shorting out.  I was going to have to take it apart to replace the cord.  and the old 30-pin ipod connector was no longer compatible with the lightning cable of the latest generation of iphone/ipad.  so I upgraded my box to bluetooth!

old 30 pin iphone dock

old 30 pin dock

blutooth stereo adapter

new blutooth stereo adapter.

homemade portable blutooth stereo

there is the box, the blutooth works well.  the only problem is, I used to know exactly where my phone was, at the end of the wire.  now I know it's near, but because it's wireless I'm not always sure exactly where. 

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