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chasing the girls around the park, then some yo la tengo

I got up early to chaperone a school orchestra field trip.  first stop was a competeition (video at the bottom) and then to six flags san antonio.   

six flags field trip

it was sunny, windy and the girls move fast.  I'd managed to get a few hours sleep the night before (walk the moon show)

whack a mole win a pokemon

the girls were more interested in pokemon than rollercoasters. 

pokemon plush toys at six flags san antonio

I insisted we apply rules of math, no more than two players at a time so we can control $ spent with increasing chances of winning.  if a group of kids ran up and started playing, I urged them to step back and keep the $ in the pocket.  my plan worked and everybody got a pokemon w/o loosing all their $.  a few moles were whacked in the process. 

ferris wheel six flags san antonio


the only ride the daughter wants to get on...

father and daughter ferris wheel ride

and I was happy to ride with her.  I checked all my girls back on to the bus, and we raced back to austin.  I had tickets to see Yo La Tengo. 

killdeer brian austin

ran into my sxsw live music friend. 

yo la tengo mohawk austin 2013

yo la tengo were their own opening band.  played two sets.  first set was calm and relaxing, just a few noise inspired freak outs for the second show.... 

yo la tengo austin mohawk 2013

the last time we saw a show at the mohawk, it was crowded, and there were just a few smokers.  but we were crammed right next to them. 

this time, we arrived early and sought space on the balcony expecting less of a crowd.  then the band requested no smoking on the floor....  so smokers came up to our level or ran over to just beneath us and blew the smoke up at us...  we finally gave up and missed the last bit of the show.

I really wish they'd come up with a better solution.  90% of the people don't smoke.  we had to come home and shower, put our ash tray smelling jackets out on the deck to air out over night...  they should have a smoking area with exhaust. 

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