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day two sxsw 2010, night time, back stage with brady

at the beginning of sxsw day one, I was demonstrating a new iphone app by go-time called "happy hours" from Village Voice.  when I opened the app I received an announcement, I had won $20 bar tab at max's wine dive!  so next evening... we went to max's

max's wine dive

we had some sangria, some pork belly and wild board pasta.

max's wine dive food

then we made our way over to cedar street courtyard to meet up with our friend brady.  it was VERY cold while we waited out front.  we ducked into the absinthe bar next door, peche.

corpse reviver no. 2

our favorite absinthe drink, the corpse reviver no. 2

absinthe cocktails at peche

knowing from past sxsw experiences, this is a busy time for mr blade.  we were prepared to be patient for him to text us back with our backstage entry instructions.  we were surprised when he got right back to us.  he instructed us to meet him asap.  we had to slam those fancy absinthe drinks and run out the back door to meet brady in the alley.

brady blade cedar street court yard

cedar street court yard sxsw 2010

exene cerveknka and paul schuster sxsw 2010

I spent some quality time with exene cervenka.

I also got to spend some time catching up with someone from the neighborhood, chatted with robin while her husband jimmie vaughan finished his set.  then I had to get my camera back from kat.  she loves to push that button, looks like we'll be in the market for a second camera body...

 on the kick drum...

one, two, three and JUMP!


the buddy miller with brady blade on drums portion of the eveing:

buddy miller

buddy put on a good show, he always does.


brady blade

we had great real estate to enjoy the show.

brady blade and paul schuster

hanging out with brady is one of the highlights of sxsw for us.  besides his various drumming gigs, he was in town to promote his new recording studios.  I also got to meet his business partner scott crompton.

brady blade and christopher moore

pole dancing back stage at cedar st courtyard

these two were having a good time and she knew how to work that pole.


the end of sxsw day two

I told you it was the end.


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