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day two of sxsw 2010, the day parties

justine's brasserie

we started off at Justine's Brasserie, $1 live oak beers!

justine twirling

these two guys were rockin' the blues, justine did a twirl

justine's best table

they gave us their BEST table.  we were able to see and hear the band while sipping red wine and enjoying the cheese plate and house made pate.  we were happy!

cheese plate


we moved on to the dickies day party at the lustre pearl.  I was so happy to get into this show as I knew that she & him were playing later after broken bells.  we did get to see warpaint and a few other bands I don't really remember, then they forced everybody who did not have stars upon thars (golden wristband) to leave.  so we did not get to see zooey and m.ward or broken bells etc.


warpaint from los angeles

lustre pearl dickies sxsw party

porta-jon self portrait


zillionaires planning to catch some of the side show action.

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