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day one of sxsw 2010, some highs and lows...

my friend christopher moore came in to attend sxsw as usual, he was also here to promote his newest website and magazine.  he got in a bit after 2 and we were at our first show by 3.  we ducked into the parlor and grabbed a pint of lunch as the band over at monkeywrench books was still setting up.  the fireman's #4 was good but I didn't bother catching the name of the band.

then we saw the eastern sea

monkey wrench books

they played in a book store.  the drummer took the opportunity to catch up on some reading.

easter sea string and wind section

these guys were a bit pensive of the guy on the floor and his camera.

the eastern sea

I had hoped to catch the japanese showcase on the east side, but traffic in 35 was not moving and that beer we had was.  it was an easy decision to exit and head downtown.

jason collett sxsw 2010 red eye'd fly

we happened upon a good set by jason collett from broken social scene.

we ducked into the beauty bar to catch some of the bay area takeover.  maybe it was bay area hip-hop day...  I am not gonna say much about the girls above, they were moving it...  we ducked to the back stage seeking an improvement.

and we did not find it.  this guy actually sang rapped "chew it" and then explained to us "that song was about eating a girl..."  you shoulda seen us make our rapid exit out the back door. 

irish band at lovejoys holler

that is more like it!  a real irish rock band!  hoo-ray for lovejoys, and hoo-ray for seats as we had no idea how rare they were about to become.

no smoking at lovejoy's

and look!  the air was clear.  my wife often refuses to go in this place because they did not enforce the no-smoking law.  the air was clear on this visit.

a shot of jameson for the irish bass player

the irish bass player had a shot of jameson. 

turned my own gun on me

we then stopped in at a canadian showcase...  I am not gonna mention the bands playing there... a girl at the bar insisted on turning my camera on us.

displaced canadian

the best thing about the canadian showcase was that they had free food, fries with cheese curd and gravy.  we also met this canadian who now lives here in austin, she had to explain the "canadian food".

duelling cameras

I crossed paths with this photographer slinging cameras AND a guitar, we had a quick duel.

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