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day three sxsw 2010, stereogum party, dcfc

 I had rsvp'd the three of us for the stereogum party.  we still had to get there early and stand in line for 45 minutes, temps had dropped to the low 40's and we were miserable.  I'd only had 3 hrs sleep.  but... we got in!

free drinks, free food buffet from pluckers and three free bands and a few stand-up comics.

stereogum rangelife sxsw 2010 at the parish

this party was plush compared to the other walk-in day parties we've attended.

the morning benders

the morning benders started us off.  then wye oak from baltimore.  really liked wye oaks songs and as we used to live in baltimore, we could relate to lyrics about bad neighbors or dead bodies.  not exactly an easy place to live.

anyhow, while wye oak played, my knees urged me to back away from the stage and find a place to lean or sit, lean it was as there was no seating.  I handed kat the camera and the rest of the great pics on this entry were taken by her.

mel flight of the conchords

earlier into this party I nudged kat and said, "I think I see mel, from flight of the conchords".  she agreed the girl in front of me resembled mel, and I said "NO, I think that IS MEL

kristen schaal, flight of the conchords-mel

kristen schaal

ben gibbard-death cab for cutie-title and registration, sxsw 2010 stereogum party

when we woke up that morning, after just a few hours sleep, kat asked what I had planned for sxsw day three.  she is often unfamiliar with a lot of the music I play here at the house, so I grabbed the iphone and went to youtube, loaded up Title and Registration as my favorite deathcab for cutie song.  

ben was there but no sign of zooey... or m.ward

she recognized the intro and managed to capture the whole song in glorious 720p HD.  her arms were tired from holding that camera at that height, need to get her a monopod.  she did a great job and I was very thankful and proud of her for her effort while christopher and I leaned on the bar and made good use of the free cocktails.

they announced a DJ was coming on for the afterparty.  we had images of turntables and dance music...  but we got some sort or rap that was a great contrast to the wonderful folk/rock show.  the "DJ" was good to look at, but all her rapping sounded like "get out y'al. get out y'all" to us indie rock scenesters.  the place emptied pretty quickly.


if+d austin

they raffled off screen print originals for the party poster.  I was HAPPY to win one.  we went to IF+D for a little shopping and kristin gave me some protection to get my poster home safely.


beat down by sxsw 2010

I was beat down dead dog tired from only three hours of sleep and three days of standing and walking.

cmoore under the beauty dish light

tested out some new studio strobes on cmoore before he left.  kat said he looks like a repo man.


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