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a white christmas... in texas? rare.

some last minute work on wimberley before we left for christmas.  we now have 7 elliptical pavers poured along the path to the cabins.

one 60lb bag of concrete equals one paver.

he fell in love with this plastic chair we found at the asian food store.  he relocates it often, here he is in the kitchen.  he also thinks I should hold this chair so he can sit in the chair instead of me holding him (without chair).  he first insists I pick up his chair, then lifts his arms for me to pick him up.  then he gets upset when I put the chair down to pick him up.  complicated mind of the terrible two'er.

we visited the wimberley trail of lights this holiday season

wimberley trail of lights

at the end of the trail, near the stage for the emilyann theatre, they had a bonfire with free hot dogs, hot coacoa, marshmallows and apples.  all the equipment was also provided.

christmas traditions:

three generations of schuster guys working on the traditional shrimp salad.  grandma schuster would save all year long to afford a can of shrimp to make this dish each christmas.  seafood in nebraska of 50 years ago was a real luxury.  we continue to make this salad each christmas.

and grandma schuster always made date pinwheel cookies for christmas.  and they are still delicious.

it snowed in the DFW area on christmas eve.  we stayed in dad's rock star bus.

santa did deliver the nikon camera.

"clothes?",  he said in a moment of pure disappointment, and he promptly closed the box and set it aside, searching for the pokemon related presents.

kat was excited to find she now has a hawaiian ice shaving machine, just like she remembers from her childhood in taiwan.

my father's christmas tradition; cajun fried turkey

cajun turkey flavor injection

turkeys are injected with a spicy brine.

cajun fried turkeys

then submereged in HOT peanut oil.  they come out juicy and not one bit oily/greasy.  dad did two turkeys this year.  the result was an extra bird.  we took half a turkey home with us, kat enjoyed a wing on the drive home.  cajun fried turkey is the real highlight of the christmas feast at dad's.

abundance of food and christmas cheer.


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